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Non-Bite Dog Attack Injury Attorney

Injury From Attacking DogDog attacks can be caused for numerous reasons. A dog may feel threatened for no reason and attack at the mere sight of a person. They can bite or attack without provocation in public settings. An ill dog may also attack an innocent victim due to its condition. It is the responsibility of dog owners to recognize the propensities of a puppy or full-grown dog and handle them in the appropriate fashion. An ill dog should never be taken into public for a walk, and a dog without training should also be kept at home until it is fully trained. Otherwise, a dog may lunge at a person and cause him or her to suffer injuries. Under Illinois law, a dog need not even make contact with a person for an owner to be liable for injuries that he or she suffers.

For example Illinois law would afford a person injured in the following situations an opportunity to recover compensation for his or her injuries:

  • A fall down a stairway when a dog charges at them
  • A heart attack sustained when attempting to evade a charging animal
  • A motorcycle crash in an attempt to get away from an attacking dog
  • A bicycle accident when a cyclists is trying to get clear of an aggressive dog

Victims can suffer when a dog lashes our or lunges at them. Often, it is very unexpected when a dog suddenly lunges at a victim. The victim typically falls backwards and suffers from an injury related to the fall. Even if the dog never touched the victim, the dog owner can still be liable for the dog’s unexpected lunge at the victim. There are also other situations in which victims can recover compensation from dog owners due to the erratic behavior of their dogs. 

Victims can recover compensation when a dog physically claws at them, pushes them or startles them. A victim may be knocked over by a dog, and this is another instance in which compensation may be available to cover the costs of injuries. Victims can also recover compensation when a dog attacks them on a bicycle, moped or motorcycle. It is important for a victim to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident so that the attorney can investigate the case.

Types of Non-Bite Injuries Sustained When a Dog Attacks Or Lunges at a Person

Victims can suffer from severe injuries even when there is no dog bite involved in an attack. Statistics indicate that dogs caused 88 percent of all fall-related injuries between 2001 and 2006. Victims can sustain the following types of injuries after being frightened or attacked by a dog:

  • Broken limbs
  • Fractured bones
  • Severe cuts and scrapes
  • Severe scratches
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement
  • Severed body parts
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Permanent disabilities

The typical dog attack scenario occurs when a dog lunges at a victim. The victim may then fall backward and attempt to stop the fall with his or her arms and hands. It is easy to break an arm or one’s fingers in an attempt to break a fall. Dog owners can be liable when they know that a dog has the tendency to lunge at people. 

No actual bite is required for dog owners to be liable when victims are injured in attacks. In addition, a dog owner can also be liable for a victim’s injuries when a dog’s behavior poses an unreasonable risk of harm to a person. This behavior must also be a foreseeable action of the dog. Some jurisdictions interpret this rule in a liberal fashion, and they construe even a first lunge as a foreseeable action of a dog.

Getting Medical Help for Non-Bite Dog Attack Injuries

Victims must seek medical attention after they have received non-bite injuries in a dog attack. It is important for medical professionals to record the extent of one’s injuries in a patient file. If one decides to ultimately pursue a lawsuit against the dog owner, then the jury will need actual proof that one was injured in the dog attack. Medical records can serve as solid proof that one was seriously injured after a dog lunged forward at him or her.

Call Chicago’s Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC To Get Justice For Injuries Related To A dog Attack

The dog attack attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC are available to help those who are victims who have been knocked over by a dog or involved in attacks. By calling one of our personal injury lawyers, we can begin the process of gathering information about the dog owner and any past history of the dog’s dangerous propensities. There may be evidence that a dog has previously bitten or injured other individuals, and our dog bite attorneys can assist in gathering this evidence to prove one’s case. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your case without any cost or obligation on your end. Contact us today.

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