Do you have a wrongful death claim or a survival claim?

Tragedy can strike at any time for family members: car accident; truck accident; work tragedy; etc.

When it does, a family member may receive financial compensation for the funeral expenses, medical bills, grief and financial losses, car wreck damages, deceased’s pain and personal injury, burial expenses, outstanding medical bills and medical expenses, pain and suffering, or loss of financial support (lost earnings) that follow the family member’s death or victim’s death.

Our law firm helps surviving family members understand wrongful death laws and wrongful death claims so that they or the deceased’s estate recover financial compensation after a tragedy like this.

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The deceased person’s estate and surviving family members may bring a wrongful death lawsuit and survival action after the loved one’s death.

Legal advice and an attorney client relationship may help the deceased person’s spouse or other family member. The following sections explore these topics.

States passed laws that allow you to recover after a fatal crash. Contact us to learn more.

When Can You Bring Wrongful Death Claims?

A personal injury claim and wrongful death lawsuit and survival action on behalf of the family members, deceased person’s estate, and anyone else is a complicated matter.

The personal representative must have an expert grasp of the victim’s injuries, difference between wrongful death and survival actions and other personal injury cases, the legal procedure of how to exactly file a wrongful death claim and wrongful death laws in general.

Here are the essential elements of a wrongful death claim and wrongful death lawsuits as well as a related survival action:

  • Someone died.
  • The deceased person died because of someone else’s negligence.
  • A spouse, family member, or other person suffered injuries and/or damages because of the death of the deceased person.

Wrongful death victims come in many forms and many more will emerge if the deceased died immediately or suddenly.

We intimately understand the difference between wrongful death actions and another civil lawsuit merely trying to recover damages relating to the event. We can file a wrongful death claim and survival action for you if a person dies.

Wrongful death and survival action lawsuits are for the pain from the event as well lost earnings or other losses (mental anguish, lost future income, current and future income, child’s college education, etc. for eligible family members of the decedent’s estate that the deceased supported financially including deceased’s beneficiaries) for the surviving spouse (deceased wife or husband) and close family members as well as any pain and suffering the deceased incurred.

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What Relief Can You Obtain in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

If your loved one died due to someone else’s negligence, then you may be able to bring a wrongful death claim and survival claims. The difference between wrongful death survival action and others is the former allows different kinds of recovery than the latter.

Like in traditional cases, a survival action for wrongful death can seek damages that the deceased person suffered like pain and suffering and other things. These will vary depending upon how the incident actually occurred and how the victim passed away.

Unlike traditional cases, unlawful killing causes of action can seek compensation for harms and losses that the families of victims sustained. This is special because these are not things the defendant directly caused.

Generally, families that bring a survival action after the deceased person dies may be able to obtain financial relief for lost support, lost companionship, pain, grief, and related forms of harm and damage.

How Can an Attorney Protect My Case?

In the immediate aftermath of a tragic event that takes someone’s life (like a traumatic brain injury), you may not be considering a legal claim and a survival lawsuit.

Yet, legal counsel can take steps to protect your case and maximize your recovery in the short and long term so you can focus on your family, including these:

  • Investigate the circumstances of the incident.
  • Talk to key witnesses.
  • Communicate with relevant insurance companies.
  • File a case for damages in court.
  • Present at trial or arrange for a negotiated settlement.

Talk to us if you have any questions after the loss of a loved one so you can completely understand your options for legal relief and recovery.

Wrongful Death Jury Awards and Settlements

Here is a sample set of case summaries to give you a sense of the type and amount of recovery possible.

$1,300,000 Settlement; Deadly Chicago Motorcycle Accident Case; 2019:

A man, just thirty-eight years old, was driving his motorcycle down Grand Avenue in Chicago (Cook County). It was an early spring day in May of 2017. Out of nowhere, a car came out and struck him causing his death almost right there on the spot.

His parents and brothers brought this wrongful death action after the motorcycle accident on behalf of their loved one and the personal injury and grief it caused everyone when he died. Thankfully, the at fault driver who was responsible for the crash had insurance on his vehicle.

The plaintiffs were able to deal directly with the insurance and get help and damages with the help of their attorneys.

The policy paid out $1.3 million.

$4,000,000 Settlement; 2021:

Here, a family decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit after their loved one died. A few weeks before his death, he visited his cardiologists at a Champaign-area hospital. They performed some stress tests and sent him home.

However, in the eventual medical malpractice and wrongful death claim, the family argued that the tests displayed very abnormal results that should have warranted his transfer to an ER. They claimed this oversight by the doctors was medical negligence under the law.

The plaintiffs continued that such a transfer would have made a difference in care and allowed him to get the help he needed from a doctor. The patient did not and he died leaving the family with a tremendous loss the lawyer argued.

The doctors and hospital settled with the family for a reported $4 million.

$1,990,000 Premises Liability Settlement; 2016:

In this tragic case, a little four-year-old boy drowned in a pool at a country club in the western suburbs of Chicago. Apparently, there was a life guard working at the time but he was not there when the child went into the pool. Also, they did not have emergency equipment to resuscitate him.

The child was survived by his parents and siblings. They brought the negligence, wrongful death, and premises liability lawsuit with a personal injury lawyer for damages.

The family was devastated by the loss of their loved one and thought the property owners and management company were responsible for the dangerous condition and other conditions that caused his wrongful death.

Their legal claim plead for compensation for their personal injuries under Illinois’ law of personal injury. The plaintiffs alleged that the business breached the duty of safe care it owed the deceased and someone generally that was there.

The club and management company both settled with the family for $995,000 for a total of $1,990,000.

How Can a Wrongful Death Accident Attorney Help My Case?

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers understands that the loss you feel is unimaginable whether losing a loved one through another’s negligence or intentional act.

At the time you are attempting to grieve and move on with life, you’ll likely find that filing a wrongful death lawsuit is overwhelming.

A wrongful death lawyer can provide the support you, your children, and your grieving family needs after tragically losing your loved one. The law firm can focus on your wrongful death case in gathering the evidence you need to build the most compelling case possible.

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