Worst Nursing Homes in Illinois

Approximately 1220 long-term care facilities operate throughout Illinois, providing care and services to over 100,000 nursing residents, including the young, disabled, rehabilitating, and elderly. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Illinois Department of Public Health ensure that every facility is licensed, regulated, and inspected yearly.

However, over 250 (20%) provide substandard care (one star out of five) compared to all other nursing care homes nationwide. Among Illinois’ worst nursing homes, CMS will not rank 46 Illinois nursing centers because of the significant ongoing problems involving negligence and abuse, instead classifying them as a Special Focus Facility (SFF).

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The Medicare Nursing Home Compare Tool

The CMS nursing home compare tool is a resource used to identify potential problems with nursing homes, including issues with quality measures, staffing levels, and health inspections. The tool is available on the Medicare.gov website and allows people to compare up to three nursing care homes simultaneously.

The information can be helpful for individuals looking for a nursing home for a loved one or concerned about the quality of care in a particular home.

The federal government regularly updates the compare tool data with information from state agencies’ inspections. Individuals can use the tool to read overviews of each nursing home, learn about the quality of health care provided, and see how the home fares compared to others.

The compare tool is an essential resource for individuals looking for a nursing home or wanting to ensure their loved one receives high-quality care. by using the tool, individuals can make informed decisions about which home is best for their needs.

CMS Designates Each of the Following Facilities With a Persistent Record of Substandard Care

The following list contains Illinois 46 SFF nursing homes, followed by the number of months CMS has chosen not to provide any rating due to substandard care:

Special Focus Facility (SFF) Months as an SFF
Accordius Health At Statesville 3
Advanced Healthcare Center 9
Aperion Care Chicago Heights 2
Allis Care Center 14
Attleboro Healthcare 23
Bailey Park 38
Bishop Rehabilitation And Nursing Center 5
Blue Ash Care Center 7
Dycora Transitional Health – Fresno 6
Envoy of Williamsburg 13
Evergreen Crossing And The Lofts 8
Garden Villa Nursing Home And Rehabilitation 7
Generations At Rock Island 26
Grandview Rehabilitation And Healthcare Center 1
Ivy At Great Falls 3
Kingston Rehabilitation And Nursing Center 4
La Mariposa Care And Rehabilitation Center 68
Lakeview Terrace 6
Liberty Health and Wellness 4
Life Care Center of Bountiful 10
Life Care Center of Post Falls 3
Maples Nursing Home 11
Moorhead Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center 35
Orchard Hospital D/P SNF 3
Orchard Post Acute Care 2
Parkview Post-Acute And Rehabilitation Center 8
Pleasant Hills Community Living Center 15
Polaris Rehabilitation And Care Center 10
Princeton Place 16
Quincy Healthcare Winterset North 20
Regency Healthcare and Rehab Center 1
Riverside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 13
Shady Rest Care Center 6
St Francis of Bellingham 6
Summit’s Trace Healthcare Center 9
The Citadel Salisbury 21
The Grand Rehabilitation And Nursing At Barnwell 5
The Laurels of Walden Park 3
The Medical Resort At Woodlands 14
The Springs of Barrow 17
The Villa At Parkridge 10
The Villages of Lapeer Nursing and Rehabilitation 21
The Waters of Robertson 30
University East Rehabilitation Center 17
Victory Health and Rehabilitation Center 29
Westpark A Waters Community 2

The following list contains 217 Illinois nursing care centers with one out of five stars overall ratings, ranking them among the lowest in providing quality care nationwide:

Illinois Worst Nursing Homes in the Special Focus Facility (SFF) Program

Medicare and Medicaid funding is vital to the long-term care continuum, providing financial assistance and regulatory oversight to short-term and long-term care homes.

A recent change in the regulations governing how these funds can be used has led to increased scrutiny of so-called SFFs, nursing facilities identified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as being at high risk for nursing home abuse and neglect.

The SFF program was created in 1998 in response to reports of widespread poor care, neglect, and abuse in nursing facilities across the country. The program provides extra scrutiny and support to nursing homes deemed at high risk for mistreatment or neglect to improve conditions and protect nursing residents’ safety.

There are currently over 400 SFFs nationwide, accounting for about 10% of all nursing facilities, including the 46 nursing home facilities in Illinois. While the program has successfully identified and corrected problem facilities, it has criticized some quarters for being too punitive and not doing enough to help struggling nursing home care homes.

Regardless of these criticisms, the program remains a vital tool in the fight against negligence and abusive behavior. By providing extra scrutiny and support to high-risk facilities, the program helps ensure that patients receive the highest care possible.

Caregivers’ Responsibilities To Nursing Home Residents

The duty of a caregiver to a nursing home resident is to ensure their safety and well-being. This includes providing adequate care, treatment, and assistance. When caregivers fail to provide these basic needs, the patients can suffer from neglect.

Nursing home neglect can have serious consequences, including physical injuries, psychological damage, and even death. It is important for caregivers to be aware of the signs of neglect and to take appropriate action if they suspect that it is happening.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect include

  • Nurses and nursing aides failing to follow the resident’s care plan: Not following doctor’s orders based on residents’ assessments can lead to declining health, medical conditions, infections, and death.
  • Ignoring calls for help or not responding promptly often results in patients being left in pain or seriously ill.
  • Allowing patients to go without food or drink for extended periods of time could cause dehydration and malnutrition.
  • Failing to provide necessary medication could result in serious health complications.
  • Not changing bedding often enough might lead to skin irritation and infection.
  • Not bathing or regularly grooming patients causes skin irritation, odor, and infection.
  • Allowing pests or rodents into the facility result in bites or scratches, which can become infected.
  • Not providing proper lifting equipment can lead to a preventable fall resulting in a broken bone, contusion, or head injury.
  • Not cleaning up spills could cause the resident to slip and fall.
  • Failing to monitor patients adequately could lead to the development of bedsores and other injuries.
  • Physically or sexually assaulting patients is the most egregious form of abusive behavior.

The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act

The Illinois Nursing Home Care Act was enacted in 1987 and sets forth specific regulations that nursing homes must follow to provide care for their patients. The law protects nursing home patients receiving health care, hygiene assistance, and medical treatment, including standards for a resident’s care plan, rights, infection control, staffing levels, and quality of care.

The Illinois Department of Public Health enforces Illinois law and conducts annual inspections of nursing homes to ensure that they comply with all regulations. If a nursing facility violates the law, it may be subject to penalties, including fines and the revocation or suspension of its license.

Nursing care center patients have the right to receive high-quality care that meets their individual needs. The Act sets forth specific regulations that nursing homes must follow to provide this care.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney to Hold the Nursing Home and Staff Financially Accountable

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