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Woman Bitten By Dog When She Tries To Protect Her Own

Woman Bitten by Dog While Protecting OthersWoman Attacked Protecting Her Own Dog

In Allentown, Pennsylvania, Brenda Fernandez de Cordova was walking a friend’s Wheaten Terrier on a leash along neighborhood streets. They were approached by an American Bulldog-pit bull mix that immediately began showing signs of aggression. All attempts to deflate and exit the situation failed. The aggressive dog eventually attacked, intending to reach the terrier, but Brenda stepped in between them to prevent that and received serious defensive wounds all along her hand in the process.

Lasting Injuries

Bites to hand cases are often much more serious than people realize. It is one of the most common types of injuries that occur from a dog attack, and the injuries are usually not minor. Dog bites to the hand can cause permanent scarring, deformity, reduced digit manipulation and lasting pain. In fact, many people who suffer hand injuries from a dog bite have pain for the remainder of their life that must be managed through physical therapy and medication.

A Common Cause of Dog Bites

The vast majority of dog attacks that occur throughout the country are not dog-on-people attacks; they are attacks on other animals where people are hurt as a byproduct of that event. It is cases like this one that demonstrate why leash laws, fences and proper dog training are so important. If this American Bulldog-pit bull mix was on a leash, in a fenced yard or properly trained, this attack does not happen.

Suing for Damages The bites to hand injuries have left Brenda with permanent scarring, numbness, tingling, diminished strength and limited motion. In addition to basic medical costs, Brenda needs money for physical therapy, advanced plastic surgery and her emotional trauma. The dog that attacked was owned by a person living in that neighborhood, and it was allowed to roam free, which is against the law. Fortunately, the family that owned the dog was able to show proof that the animal was inoculated for rabies.

Similar Cases

Such cases are common throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the country. Often, there are indicators before the first vicious attack that it may occur. If you witness such indicators, don’t be afraid to report those to animal control. There are laws protecting licensed animals, and the complaint may be the wake-up call that the owner needs. If you have been injured during a dog-on-dog attack, contact a lawyer immediately. You likely have a right to damages that can at least help to cover your medical expenses.