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Harrowing Rescue Highlights Dangers Window Washers Face on a Daily Basis

Window Washing is a Dangerous JobWindow Washer Falls – An Unexpected Death

Of all the jobs that could lead to potentially serious injuries, window washing takes a top slot on the list. A harmlessly slow and patient job, as a window washer you should have absolutely no worries of sustaining injuries or even facing death while on the job- or should you?

Reports reveal that window washers who have to go up tens of floors of skyscrapers are under constant threat of losing their lives. One such recent incident has been reported from Manhattan, where two window washers were stranded for two hours outside the window panels on a 45th floor- just two levels below the roof.

The workers, aged 26 and 49, tried to remain as still as possible when their scaffold supported platform snapped in the middle. Surviving distress and seeing death at such close quarters, the two workers were rescued from the broken platform by the firefighters of New York City.

Falls Pose A Threat To Everyone

In the aftermath of the above incident, chaos broke out in the neighborhood surrounding the building on which the workers were stranded. Even though they were safely harnessed and escorted out of the tower, the contemplation that arose in the huge crowd that gathered outside spread fear and commotion among the people.

For the workers, the story is completely different. Going through physical and emotional trauma on the job reduces the quality of work done and increases pressure on those who risk their lives in such instances.

If you have experienced such an incident or know a loved one who has, it is important to get it in black and white. Reporting and reliving every minute of the story may be an emotional ride for you, but it is imperative that the incident be brought to official notice for a number of reasons. For one, death or injury as a result of such a fall is classified under wrongful death and is liable for compensation. Because whatever you went through was at the negligence of another, such a fatal accident can be tried in a court of law.

Fall Injuries and Accountability

For the workers stranded on the building because of a broken platform, the manufacturing company Tractel-Swingstage has been held responsible. This same company was previously handed a notice of violation when an electronic platform stopped working midway during operation, leaving two maintenance workers fighting for their lives.

Therefore, the accountability of a fall and injuries associated with it, rest on the shoulders of the manufacturers in case a platform is in question and on employers in case a safety violation has been recorded.

As an on-site worker who has gone through such an incident, hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best course of action. This lawyer has been trained to build a case for you and fight for your rightful compensation on your behalf so that no matter what the scale of injuries, you are not left empty handed because of the faults of another.