Understanding The Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverage

different-types-of-auto-insurance-coverageThere are different types of basic auto insurance which offer protection to vehicle owners or drivers at the fundamental level but there are other options that offer more incident-specific coverage or requirement-based protection to policy holders.

By adding on different types of coverage to your basic auto insurance policy, you can increase the value of your auto insurance while recognizing that you would need to pay higher premiums for each extra policy. Adequate auto insurance coverage can help in the minimization of financial worries and stress factors in the aftermath of an auto accident. Even if you are an excellent driver with years of experience behind you, there is always a lurking uncertainty factor that could lead to auto accidents.

Bodily injury coverage auto insurance

This category of auto insurance coverage is responsible for covering you for any physical or body injuries for another individual where you are implicated in the accident. Bodily injury insurance helps towards settlement of expenses involving medical treatment, rehabilitation or physical therapy recommended as a result of the accident.

Collision auto coverage

Collision auto coverage is responsible for protecting car owners from the imminent expenses and losses associated with the risk of collision.  Auto insurance policies often recommend approved garages which the insurance providers partner with in order to offer better rates and services to clients who have signed on with the auto insurance provider.

Property damage liability

Property damage liability comes into the picture when the driver is implicated in an auto accident involving damage to another individual’s property. Property damage liability however does not extend coverage for the policy owner’s own property.

Medical payments auto coverage

Medical payments auto coverage offers protection to policy owners from having to pay heavy expenses in the event that your car causes injury or fatalities due to an accident. Policy owners may also opt to extend the coverage to include other drivers who may drive their car.

Comprehensive auto coverage

Vehicle owners may insure themselves against every possible cause of an auto accident with the exception of damages caused due to other vehicles by opting for comprehensive auto insurance coverage. Typical factors covered include natural disasters such as storms, tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes as well as other causes such as theft or vandalism.

Rental reimbursement

As the name suggests, rental reimbursement is actually a supplementary policy that offers coverage when you drive a rented vehicle. This policy is particularly relevant to applicants who travel frequently and have the opportunity to use rental cars often.

Uninsured motorist coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage offers protection against inadequate third party insurance coverage or if the other driver happens to have insurance that is less than state-imposed minimum requirements.

Towing insurance

Towing insurance offers coverage to car owners to hire the services of a towing company to help transport their damaged or immobilized vehicle in the aftermath of an accident.

Death auto insurance

Your family or beneficiaries will receive a token payment of $5,000 in the event of a fatality resulting in the car owner’s death in his or her vehicle.

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