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Understanding Mesotheliomia – Proper Diagnosis and Detection of Mesothelioma

Mesotheliomia DiagnosisIf you are constantly exposed on asbestos-laced products, there is a slight chance that you might have contracted mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a very rare form of cancer, but is a hard type of cancer to treat as both scientists and experts lack information about this rare disease.

Mesothelioma also takes years, or even decades, to develop, and is also hard to track down due to it being a “silent killer” which means it develops without the prior knowledge of the patient. When symptoms start to show, it means that it has already developed into a full-blown cancer, thus threatening the patient’s life.

A Hard Diagnosis: Symptoms of Mesothelioma

Most patients with mesothelioma often complain of flu-like symptoms that persist for over long periods of time (1-3 months). Doctors will usually prescribe antibiotics in order to counter these flu-like symptoms. However, once they have deduced that it is not as effective as it should be, and that it persists for many more months, they will deduce that this is not an ordinary flu and it may be a case of a severe disease. This failure to make a proper diagnosis is what makes mesothelioma a deadly disease – by the time they have made the proper diagnosis, the cancer has already advanced and spread throughout the patient’s body. Not only that, having not enough information about said disease makes it harder for doctors to treat the patient.

Major symptoms of mesothelioma only shows once the cancer has advanced on its final stages. Once the cancer has reached its final stages (Stage 3 or 4), the patient’s health is utterly diminished, reducing the mortality of the patient. It is said that only four out of ten people diagnosed with mesothelioma will live for another year.

Few Treatment Methods for Mesothelioma

Scientists and experts are still baffled on this rare cancer and are currently researching different ways in order to counter this disease. In the United States, there are less than 3,000 people afflicted with mesothelioma every year, which makes it a rare disease. With only a few data to use, scientists and experts are unable to develop medications to counteract the disease. Currently, there are only medications that can slow down the spread of the disease, but cannot completely halt or stop the disease.

However, there is one treatment that may somewhat halt the spreading process of the cancer, and that is operation through the process of amputation. By doing so, it can prevent the cancer from metastasizing and spreading onto other parts of the body. This is, currently, the most effective way of treating mesothelioma. Chemotherapy and radiation are also somewhat effective methods of treating mesothelioma. Doctors, however, may suggest combining all three options in order to treat mesothelioma should it advance to its final stages.

How To Prevent – Early Detection

If you are constantly exposed on asbestos / asbestos-laced products, it is important for you to be screened as soon as possible. Even if you haven’t felt sick for the last few days, it is important for you to be screened. Detecting the cancer early may save your life.