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Number of Uncontrollable Bleeding Lawsuits Caused by Xarelto Approaches 2000

Uncontrollable Bleeding Caused by XareltoIn 2011, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the blood thinner Xarelto (rivaroxaban) for prescription as an effective anticoagulant. The prescription medication is manufactured by Bayer and marketed in the United States by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

Almost immediately, many patients suffered its dangerous side effects including uncontrolled bleeding. While bleeding is not uncommon when taking anticoagulants, many personal injury attorneys, including Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC, allege that Xarelto is significantly more dangerous compared to other blood thinners because it lacks an antidote for reversing many of the effects of blood thinning.

That means during emergent situations, the individual might be at risk for a life-threatening irreversible bleeding issue including gastrointestinal or internal hemorrhaging. As a result, many patients prescribed the drug have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer and marketer on the grounds that they did not receive adequate warning against the dangers of using the blood thinning medication.

Marketed as Better Than Warfarin

Janssen Pharmaceuticals have marketed Xarelto as easier and better to use than other anticoagulants including Coumadin (warfarin). The manufacturer and marketer say the medication does not require routine blood monitoring like all other dangerous anticoagulants as a way to ensure that the patient’s blood levels remain in a therapeutic range.

Holding the Drug Company Accountable

Xarelto, like all other dangerous drugs, can cause significant harm and death to patients. When the pharmaceutical companies, doctors and other healthcare providers fail to adequately warn the patient about the drug’s associated risks, all parties involved can be held legally accountable.

In many incidences, filing a Xarelto lawsuit is the only sure way to obtain financial recompense for losses, harm and emotional injuries. Today, nearly 2,000 individuals have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer and marketer of Xarelto for numerous reasons including a failure to warn. These individuals receive compensation to cover their damages that include:

  • Financial hardship associated with emergency room visits, lost wages and ongoing care.
  • Mental and emotional distress of dealing with severe medical issues.
  • The associated expenses of a Xarelto wrongful death lawsuit including funeral costs and financial losses directly associated with uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Holding both Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals financially accountable for manufacturing, marketing and releasing the extremely dangerous prescription medication to the public.

Common Complications and Side Effects

The most severe side effects that can potentially claim the life of the victim using Xarelto is internal bleeding that causes death. Many of the injured or killed patients were never told there was no cure (antidote) to reverse internal bleeding caused the prescription medication.

Other potential harm directly associated with using Xarelto include:

  • Life-threatening infections after knee or hip replacement surgery,
  • Swelling of the lower limbs (peripheral edema),
  • Cerebrovascular accident that involves cerebral hemorrhaging,
  • Decreased hemoglobin is required to carry oxygen in the patient’s red blood cells, and/or
  • Difficulty in breathing (dyspnea).

If your doctor has currently prescribed Xarelto for your condition, it is essential to avoid any activity where you could be bruised, cut or suffer internal/external bleeding. Sustaining any of these injuries could be life-threatening especially if you experience severe headaches, dizziness, weakness, confusion, persistent bleeding, bruising, vision changes and swelling. Pregnant women are especially susceptible to serious injury, complications and side effects of Xarelto.

Receiving Compensation

Nearly 2000 patients have filed lawsuits to seek financial compensation from the Xarelto manufacturer and marketer to cover their past, current and future medical expenses, lost wages, other financial losses and damages including pain and suffering. In some cases, surviving family members have filed a Xarelto wrongful death lawsuit as a way to punish the defendants and deter any other pharmaceutical manufacturer or marketer from acting similarly.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have filed lawsuits and claims on behalf of many injured victims suffering damages and losses through bad prescription medications including Xarelto. Our attorneys accept Xarelto uncontrollable bleeding lawsuits on a contingency fee basis. This means we are only paid once we have provided you a favorable outcome by resolving your case through an out-of-court settlement or jury verdict in your favor.

Call our law offices today at (888) 424-5757 to schedule a free case review. Our personal injury attorneys working on your behalf can offer you various legal options to seek financial compensation and hold those legally responsible accountable for your losses.