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Tips for Getting the Best Motorcycle Helmet for You

What is the Best Motorcycle HelmetSurviving an accident might likely depend on the type of helmet you use. Wearing the best motorcycle helmet that fits your head properly can reduce the chance of great injury or death in the event of an accident or spill.

With the escalating costs of engine fuel, many individuals are buying a motorcycle as an effective and affordable way to commute to work and enjoy the countryside. However, maintaining safety on the roadway requires purchasing the best motorcycle helmet, which is available in a variety of brands, styles and types.

A quality made certified helmet will provide your head protection from a blunt force impact along its outer shell and collision-absorbing liner. Quality constructed helmets are designed and tested to safeguard you against flying objects and other road hazards, if your head is impacted in an accident or fall.

Below are effective tips for getting the best motorcycle helmet for you, to maximize your safety when riding your bike on America’s roadways. Consider these tips when choosing the best one.

DOT Certified

It is essential to purchase a motorcycle helmet that has been certified by the DOT (Department of Transportation). The certification from the agency guarantees that the helmet meets or exceeds basic safety requirements for your protection. The certification is important in providing the right type of guidance on how to select a helmet.

Helmets certified by the Department of Transportation will display a certification sticker. Helmets that do not have a DOT certified sticker should never be worn while riding on a motorcycle. Avoid any vintage or vintage-style motorcycle helmet that does not meet current safety standards.

A Role Off Test

Before purchasing any helmet, it is essential to perform a roll off test. Simply place the helmet on your head, secure the straps, and then reach for its back lip while attempting to roll it forward and off your head.

If the helmet comes off, you will need to choose a smaller one. If the test hurts your head, you will know that the helmet will stay on, unless you want to take it off. A loose helmet will never provide adequate protection for your head in the event of an accident. Loose helmets often lead to serious head injuries and brain trauma.

Choosing the helmet with the right retention will be different for every individual, based on the size and shape of his or her head. The fit of the helmet should be comfortable, and retention continuous. A full-face helmet should properly grip the jaw and cheeks, along with the sides and top of the head. A properly fitted helmet that provides adequate protection will fit snugly against the skin on the face.

All Around Comfort

Comfort is a crucial component when selecting the best motorcycle helmet for you. Because it must fit snugly, it must also be comfortable to wear for extended time. Before making a purchase, wear the helmet for at least 20 minutes. Check its ability to block outside noise to minimize audio distraction including the sound of the bike engine when riding. Ensure that the helmet is lightweight and does not irritate the skin or head. A comfortable fitting helmet will assist you in remaining focused while on the road.

Chin Bar and Face Shield

To ensure maximum protection when purchasing a full-face helmet, it is best to select one with a chin bar and face shield. The shield must be easy to lift and secure, and should stay in the open position on its own. To avoid dangerous driving, the face shield should provide a clear view and not create optical distortions, which could disrupt your ability to view the roadway properly.

An Investment in Safety

You have located the best model and style for you if it has a DOT sticker, fits well and is comfortable to wear. In all likelihood, it will not be the cheapest model available. However, because protection is of the utmost importance, it is essential to consider the purchase of a certified helmet as an investment in your safety.

Buying a quality certified helmet with fewer graphics and non-functional venting are ways to lower the cost. Additionally, a certified helmet manufactured by an off-brand company will likely provide you the same protection at a more affordable cost.

When purchasing the best motorcycle helmet for you, it is important to never compromise on quality. Take all the time necessary to choose the best one and remember a certified helmet that meets basic safety standards can save your life.