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When Surgery Is Needed for Children Bitten by Dogs

Children May Require Extensive Surgery from Dog BitesWhile dogs are often considered “man’s best friend” the animal can pose serious threats to the well-being and health of children. Because of the animal’s large canine claws and teeth, dog attacks can cause significant and massive trauma to victims, especially the young. Even when the physical injury of the dog bite heals, there is often emotional damage that might never go away. Dog bite victims usually endure intense distress anytime a dog is in their presence later in life, as a result of the attack in injuries they have suffered.

Responsibility of the Dog Owner

The dog owner has a responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone that comes within the dog’s space, to eliminate the potential of a attack or dog bite. Even if the dog has never been vicious in the past, the owner is still responsible and liable for any malicious action the dog causes even when the owner is not present. Because of that responsibility, the owner must properly train and socialize the animal, and keep all vaccinations up-to-date while ensuring the dog is always properly restrained.

When Plastic Surgery Is Required

Unfortunately, young children experience dog bites of their face, hands and neck that can be extensive, disfiguring and permanent without surgery. Many times, repeated plastic surgeries are required to tackle persistent scarring (for additional information about scarring from dog bite look here). Often times, the type of damage include a sheer, laceration or crush injury.

Some of the more severe treatments for dog bites require skin grafting or a series of reconstructive surgeries. If an infection occurs at the injury site, it can cause permanent damage to facial nerves. Many children experience major damage to their cheeks, nose and lips that leave the disfiguring scars and lifelong consequences both emotionally and physically. In some incidences, dog bites are so severe that it can cause fractures, dislocations, avulsion, amputation, contusions, hematoma, abrasion, or an infection.

Scar Revision Surgery

In nearly three quarters of all dog bite cases, the injured child underwent scar revision surgeries that attempted to improve the patient’s aesthetic result. Sometimes three or more surgeries are involved. The most common breed of dog bites involved Pit Bulls, Chows, Doberman Pinschers and German Shepherds.

Legal Options

Because of the severity of dog bites, and the physical and emotional effects on children, legal action is often necessary, involving an attorney. This is often the result of a possible denial of an insurance claim, and/or a need for litigation to receive funds for reconstructive procedures.

Experienced Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC that handle dog bite cases work to gather essential evidence including photographs, medical records and other documents concerning the dog bite. Clothing that the child wore during the attack should also be saved, along with any police report and contact information of every available witness.

The highest majority of dog bite cases involve dogs that were known to the family of the patient, and belong to the neighbor, family or friend. In many incidences, the type of dog bite is classified as a “provoked incident” when the child was playing, petting or interacting with the animal.

Financial Compensation

Families of children that have suffered serious dog bites that require surgery may be entitled to financial recompense to offset the costs involved. The funds can cover:

  • Payment of all past, current and future medical treatments, rehabilitation, procedures and surgeries
  • Payment for mental health treatment
  • Compensation for emotional distress
  • Funds for pain and suffering, now and in the future
  • Any associated expense caused by the dog attack or dog bite

Experienced Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can defend the rights of the child anytime the dog owner has allow their animal to cause them harm. Even if the negligent party refuses to assume responsibility for the event, proven litigation techniques can hold them accountable. Lawyers can take an aggressive stand to collect deserved compensation. Any dog bite injury on a little child is a serious matter, even when the incident is small.