Recall Of Stryker Shapematch Product Used for Knee Replacements

Stryker mismatched shapes are now being recalledOne of the most recent recalls of the Stryker line of products is the ShapeMatch Cutting Guides. In recent years, a whole host of products have been recalled from the Stryker line. These products range from hip implants to the most recent cutting guides that assist surgeons in operations.

The ShapeMatch Cutting Guides can be used once and are disposable guides that help surgeons mark a bone before a knee replacement operation.A surgeon can follow the guide to position the components involved in a total knee replacement. The surgeon uses this guide based on an individual assessment of images that are taken of the individual’s knee.

Distribution of the ShapeMatch Cutting Guides

The ShapeMatch Cutting Guides were first manufactured and used by surgeons throughout May of 2011 to November of 2012. Surgeons use these cutting guides only for use with the Stryker Triathlon Knee System.

The approval process of these guides followed the 510(k) premarket approval process implemented by the FDA. Unfortunately, this process is not as thorough as it should be in detecting defects in products and preventing them from being disbursed onto the market. Surgeons had the ultimate approval for using the cutting guides in their knee replacement operations with patients.

Contacting Your Surgeon for an Appointment To Discuss Problems With Your Prosthetic Knee

Those who received a surgery with a ShapeMatch Cutting Guide or Stryker Triathlon knee implant have been instructed to schedule an appointment with their orthopedic surgeons. It will be important for these patients to receive an evaluation, even if one is not showing any signs of discomfort or injury. One may begin to suffer from injuries or pain at a later date.

Some patients may also want to get in touch with an orthopedic surgeon to understand which type of knee implant that they had. It will be important for a doctor to identify the brand of knee implant that was used during an operation.

If a ShapeMatch Cutting Guide was used to perform the operation, then patients may have legal recourse. It will be important to obtain a copy of the operative report and receive implant labels from a surgeon.

Injuries Associated with the ShapeMatch Cutting Guides

Research studies have indicated that many patients are already suffering adverse effects as a result of surgeons who used the ShapeMatch Cutting Guides to perform their knee replacement operations.

The pain that patients can suffer as a result of using these cutting guides can be tremendous, and it is important for patients to have legal recourse. Some examples of the injuries that patients have suffered as a result of using the cutting guides include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Joint instability
  • Fracture
  • The need for additional surgeries
  • Permanently decreased mobility

Patients who have suffered injures in this manner may be able to reclaim compensation with the help of a lawyer. It is important to work with a lawyer to maximize the potential compensation that one may receive for suffering these types of injuries.

Understanding Your Legal Right to Compensation

There are multiple forms of compensation that people may receive as a result of having received a surgery with this cutting guide. One may be compensated for the following types of compensation if he or she has suffered injuries as a result of an operation that utilized the ShapeMatch Cutting Guide:

  • Loss of wages
  • Loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • The cost of a revision surgery

It is important to fully consider the right to compensation that you may have. Stryker may attempt to offer a minimum amount for your claim, and it is vital that you have access to a lawyer who is representing your best interests throughout the process. Experienced legal professionals are available to protect you and the other patients who have been wronged by the acts of Stryker. You should not have to suffer as the result of the misrepresentations that may have been made by Stryker as to its ShapeMatch Cutting Guides. Contact a Chicago Medical Device Defect Attorney today.