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May 17, 2016

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Misdiagnosed Stroke LawsuitA Cook County woman has filed a misdiagnosed stroke lawsuit against her medical care provider after the misdiagnosis of her stroke led to permanent injuries.

The lawsuit, filed on February 1, 2016, alleges that the plaintiff suffered physical and financial damages when her doctor misread a CT scan and delayed the treatment of her stroke.

The defendants in the case are her doctor— Alejandra Campos, and Pro-Care Medical Center, which provided the plaintiff’s care. Yesenia Carrizosa, the plaintiff, is seeking over $50,000 in the lawsuit and additional damages to cover the cost of her legal representation.

Time is Critical in the Treatment of Stroke

A stroke occurs when the supply of oxygen to the brain is limited due to a blood clot formed in a major artery or a hemorrhage resulting in massive internal bleeding within the brain. Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to ensuring the most positive prognosis for the patient, and delaying treatment can result in permanent physical and mental impairment.

When doctors suspect that a patient is suffering from a stroke, they will order image scans, such as a CT scan, to determine whether there is evidence of swelling or a blood clot within the brain.

On February 2, 2014, Yesenia Carrizosa suffered a stroke and was admitted to Pro-Care Medical Center. Her attending doctor ordered a CT scan but misread the result before misdiagnosing her condition and delaying the treatment of her stroke.

She now suffers from permanent injuries and will never recover from the standard of living she experienced before her stroke.

In addition to her permanent injuries, she has accumulated additional expenses for medical treatment related to her ongoing conditions.

Carrizosa Seeks Reasonable Compensation

There is truly no value that can be placed on quality of life. Carrizosa is seeking over $50,000 in damages to cover medical expenses and a reduction in her quality of living moving forward. She is also seeking damages in the amount of attorneys’ fees and the cost of litigation.

When considering the severity and permanency of her injuries, the damages sought are more than reasonable. It can be difficult to determine the financial impact of any injury that permanently impacts the victim’s physical and mental health.

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