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Six Common Types Of Fatal 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

trucking accident lawyers Although there are many different types of accidents that can happen on the roads with a large or commercial truck, there are six that are the most common in fatalities. Knowing what types of accidents occur the most can help motorists in other vehicles try to avoid the situations that may lead to these types of accidents. In a survey of over 22,000 truck accidents, these six were the most common.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions where either the truck or the other vehicle encroached made up 2,980 of the surveyed fatal accidents. The majority of these were when the other vehicle encroached the truck. The percentages were fairly stagnant across the three truck types of work truck, straight van and semi-trailer.

Side-Swipe Accidents

Whether the truck was side-swiped or side-swiped another vehicle, these tend to happen when the vehicles are going opposite directions. Once again, the majority happened when the passenger vehicle encroached the truck, not the other way around. These types of accidents were responsible for 1,808 of the surveyed fatalities and they happen at about the same rate for all commercial trucks.

Truck Turning In-Fron Of Another Vehicle

This was surprisingly one of the smaller accident types, only accounting for 822 of the fatalities. However, these numbers are based on fatalities and it must be considered that large trucks that are turning will be going very slow. Due to their large turning radius, many trucks need the extra space to turn, so give them plenty of room.

Truck Turned Into By Other Vehicle

It was much more common for the other vehicle to turn across the large truck and be struck, resulting in a fatal accident. Of the accidents surveyed, 1,450 fatalities were due to this type of behavior. Work trucks such as cement, dump and tow trucks were more commonly involved in these accidents than semi-trailers or vans.

Straight Collisions

Crashes where either the truck or other vehicle ran straight into the other vehicle were the second largest type of fatality accident. The majority of these were the truck running straight into the other vehicle. There were 3,189 of these deaths.

Rear-End Accidents

There were more fatalities from rear-end crashes than any other single type of accident. Oddly enough, the truck being the rear-ended is more common than the other way around, except with straight work vans. However, the percentages are not that far apart. There were 1,329 fatalities (click here for more information about wrongful death laws) due to a truck rear-ending another vehicle, which is enough reason to remember to not cut-off these trucks on the highways.

Being aware of these large trucks and what types of accidents are the most dangerous can help save a persons life. Motorist should always leave some room and use caution around any commercial vehicle to reduce the risk of becoming one of these statistics.

Legal Help For People Injured In Trucking Accidents

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