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Sexual Abuse Allegations Made Against Retired Glencoe Schoolteacher

Sexual Abuse Glencoe SchoolsGlencoe, Illinois – In 2017, two alumni of Glencoe Schools contacted Glencoe District 35 administrators to report individual cases of sexual abuse by a retired schoolteacher. Dave Stroud made an allegation claiming he was sexually abused by now 81-year-old teacher Marvin Martin who denies the accusation.

The teacher has stated that he was not a pedophile and has “no memories of [Stroud] at all.”

The Colorado resident Stroud was living in Glencoe in the early 1970s with his two brothers and parents who allow the male schoolteacher to provide the boys care while they were away on business. Stroud’s mother verified that she had trusted the teacher to stay with the family for a week back then.

Stroud claims that the abuse occurred when he was a boy alone with his brothers and Marvin Martin providing care overnight. He says that Martin appeared in the boy’s bedroom during the night back then and molested him while he pretended to be sleeping. Stroud accuses Martin of sexual impropriety in that “after the lights were out and I was lying in bed, the door crept open and Marvin Martin walked into the room, and he started molesting me… He came over the top of the bunk bed, I was in the top, and he did what he did, standing beside the bed.”

Accuser’s School Board Appearance

Stroud appeared at a Glencoe school board meeting to speak in early September 2017 along with several formal students and his mother. Dave asked for a “full and thorough investigation” into the allegations he made involving the misconduct of his former teacher.

Stroud said, “Marvin Martin is a serial predator” who “filled his position of authority and revere… to take advantage of Glencoe’s most venerable citizens in the most horrific manner.” Gary Ruben, the board president, praised the group for stepping forward, stating that the board “is trying to do the right thing” while they consider the next step.

The Teacher’s Response

The incident first came to light on a Facebook post in April 2017 when Dave confronted the schoolteacher online “calling him a pedophile.” The schoolteacher, who retired in 1996 had taught at Glencoe schools for more than 38 years. The teacher responded to Stroud saying “you call me a pedophile… the words mean ‘child lover.’ It is true that I loved children, which is why I served them for over 50 years of my life.”

Marvin Martin is the author of dozens of books, produced some plays, and has a history of taking children on school trips. Now retired, Martin lives in Kenosha Wisconsin. During interviews, the schoolteacher said that “they are not true, he’s the only person who has ever accused me” and “I don’t know why this is going on.” Marvin also stated that “I can’t comprehend [Stroud’s] hatred. I never felt that kind of hatred, and I can’t understand anyone who so full of hate as he seems to be.”

The victim says that he was inspired by the Penn State child sex abuse case involving Jerry Sandusky in 2011 and is pressing the Glencoe police and school board to do what they can. Dave stated that “it was the Jerry Sandusky case that heightened my need to talk about what happened to me.” Stroud is hoping that the schoolteacher will pay the price for his inappropriate actions performed on him as a boy when he was 9 or 10 years old.

The School District Responds

The allegation is not the first time Stroud filed a complaint. During the September 2017 meeting, the school board announced that Stroud had made allegations back in a 2012 report. An attorney representing District 35 revealed that the District had heard from Stroud in 2014, and again in this recent complaint.

However, the school board administration stated that after contacting Stroud that the reported incident took place in the early 1970s at a “private residence.”

The Board informed the community in a statement posted on the District 35 website that “We are aware that this information is circulating through the community and we wanted to be sure you learned of this matter directly from the Glencoe schools.” While providing information of their concern, the statement never named the schoolteacher, the year of his retirement or whether he still lives in the community.

A Second Accuser

After Dave Stroud’s allegations came to light, the school district learned there was a second accuser. The information was turned over to the Glencoe police who apparently conducted a thorough investigation and recommended not filing charges. However, the Illinois statute of limitations on sexual abuse of minors stops at 20 years from the time the assaulted victims turn 18 years old or first recognize that they were abused.