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Severity of Bicycle Accident Injuries Frequently Demands Litigation

Bicycle Accidents that need to be LItigatedRoad accidents have become very common in the last few years. Apart from the increasing number of vehicles on the road, there are a number of other reasons that contribute to this staggering statistic. Among these mishaps, the occurrence of bike accidents has become alarming. In the United States alone, 2% of all road accident related deaths are a result of bike injuries.

Injuries caused by bike accidents

Of the 44,000 bicyclists injured in the US in 2006, 773 died due to fatal injuries. These figures are testimony to the fact that a bike accident is as dangerous as any other accident on the road. Even though, a bike injury is not taken seriously most of the time, it is important to keep in mind that a small bruise can easily become a life threatening internal wound.

In a very severe bike accident, irreparable damage can be sustained by the brain. Head injuries, which are a result of being thrown off a bike during a crash, are the most difficult to cope and control even with advance medical procedures. From the 2006 figure, 95% of the victims of the crash were not wearing helmets and therefore were prone to a fatal head injury.

Apart from brain damage and head bruises, a bike injury that is more often overlooked and considered negligible is a wrist fracture. A wrist fracture results when a biker breaks sharply before impact. Because there are many small bones, ligaments and tendons at the wrist joint, the intensity of the impact can result in one of these connections being compromised.

How to deal with these injuries

Recovering from wrist injuries is a long and tedious process. It takes several months to make the wrist functional again and several more to make it fit for riding a bike. In some extreme cases, if bones are broken, surgery is also performed on the wrist and arm to make sure all bones are repaired and put back in place.

After the bones are joined, some patients who suffer from chronic arthritis may also need physiotherapy lessons. These lessons aim at bringing back flexibility to the arm and wrist, thereby restoring full movement.

Demanding compensation for bike injuries

Even though most bike accidents are a result of negligence, someone or the other is always responsible. If you have suffered various injuries after being thrown off your bike on the road, you deserve to be compensated for all the damage done.

Bike injury lawyers are adept at demanding and negotiation for a level of compensation that is your right. This compensation usually involves making up for the damage done to your bike, paying for medical bills and also covering up for all the income lost as a result of the fall. Because the cost of treatment, especially surgery, can be very high, filing for compensation with an experienced bike injury lawyer is the best way to make sure your expenses are taken care of while you tend to your health.