Government Puts More Emphasis on Self-Driving Cars

Self Driving Cars and SafetyA proposal by the Obama administration opens up the possibility of government funding into research that will eventually lead to the development of a self-driving vehicle. If the administration has its way, $4 billion in funding will be committed over a ten year period in the hopes that an autonomous vehicle will greatly reduce the number of fatal accidents experienced each year. In recent history, technology has become a source of distraction and led to an increase in auto related fatalities despite more advanced safety technologies. Self-driving vehicles could be the solution to this dilemma, as they would allow drivers to multitask without placing themselves and others at risk.

Proposal Includes Updates to Infrastructure

Investing in technology connected roads is critical to the invention of an autonomous vehicle and President Obama has addressed this need in his 2017 budget proposal, which will commit funds to the development of vehicle technology as well as roadways that are compatible with the new vehicles. Automakers are already in a race to develop the first self-driving vehicle, but this proposal will clear financial obstacles standing in their way by allotting exemptions for up to 2,500 test vehicles to be used in real on-road tests.

A Desire for Unified Regulations on Autonomous Technology

The NHTSA is currently seeking unified regulations across the country that would motivate automakers and protect consumers at the same time. Having regulations that are streamlined across the nation would also establish clear cut expectations and goals for automakers to reach when developing the technologies needed to mass produce self-driving cars and trucks. The NHTSA will work alongside the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators and state governments to develop regulations that make sense over the next six months.

Driver Error and Distraction Attributed to Most Accidents

Nearly 80% of accidents on the roads today are the result of human error or distraction and driver distraction combined with inexperience is proving to be a deadly cocktail. Self-driving vehicles could drastically lower auto accident fatality rates and provide the potential for an accident-free world if the proper infrastructure and technology is put into place. The technology needed for partially autonomous vehicles will be emerging in the coming years, while completely autonomous vehicles could take decades to produce. It is the hope of the Obama administration that $4 billion in government funding over the next ten years could expedite the process and bring the dream of hazard-free driving to reality.

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