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Resources For Motorcyclists In Iowa

Iowa State FlagFor motorcyclists of all skill levels, Iowa (IA) offers some unparalleled riding opportunities offered to native Iowans and visitors. Positioned between the Mississippi River on the east and Missouri River to the west, Iowa offers some amazingly scenic roads for motorcycle riding with varying rolls and bends to keep the ride interesting, yet without loads of congestion that plague many other riding areas.

As you pass though the communities and cities, you’ll find a diverse blend of rural farming communities sprinkled in with burgeoning cities. When your schedule allows, many of these towns offer amenities as diverse as the motorcyclists who pass through them.

In order to stay safe and make your riding more enjoyable, below you will find some useful information and resources related to motorcycling in Iowa.

Iowa Motorcycle Licenses

In order to ensure motorcyclist safety and others sharing the road, Iowa law requires that residents have a valid motorcycle license to operate a motorcycle on their own. Classified as an ‘M’ license, Iowa residents can obtain this certification by passing a written motorcycle knowledge test as well as an on-cycle evaluation by a representative from the state. A Class M license can be added to an existing Iowa driver’s license when the individual passes a motorcycle knowledge test and on-cycle evaluation where a representation for the Iowa Department of Transportation will asses your riding skills and your ability to respond to typical traffic conditions. There is a $2 annual charge to have an Class M license added to a current Iowa driver’s license.

If you wish to get an Iowa motorcycle license and do not presently have an Iowa driver’s license, you must pass the written test for the Class ‘C’ written test for noncommercial Iowa driver’s license in addition to a motorcycle-specific written test and on-cycle examination. A motorcycle-only license costs $30 for a five year term. Motorcyclists can learn more about Iowa motorcycle laws an safety by reviewing the Iowa Motorcycle Riding Manual.

Below is a list of facilities that offer class M testing.

County Treasurer’s Office
513 North Main Street
Burlington, IA  52601
(319) 753- 8273
Department of Transportation
2700 Mount Pleasant Street
Burlington, IA  52601
(319) 754-8768
County Treasurer’s Office
933 Avenue H
Fort Madison, IA  52627
(319) 372-3405
County Treasurer’s Office
100 East Washington
Mount Pleasant, IA  52641
(319) 385-0764
County Treasurer’s Office
117 South Main
Wapello, IA  52653
(319) 523-4453
County Treasurer’s Office
720 Central Avenue
Dubuque, IA  52001
(563) 589-4450
Department of Transportation
2255 JFK Road
Dubuque, IA  52002
(563) 583-9844
County Treasurer’s Office
340 First Avenue East
Dyersville, IA  52040
(563) 875-6052
County Treasurer’s Office
201 West Platt Street
Maquoketa, IA  52060
(563) 652-3701
County Treasurer’s Office
500 West Main Street
Room 106
Anamosa, IA  52205
(319) 462-3559

Motorcycle Education Classes Offered In Iowatraining class for motorcyclists

Over the last decade the number of significant motorcycle accidents and fatalities has continued to increase as the number of motorcyclists on the road continues to grow. Recent motorcycle safety data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that motorcycle accidents claim the lives of nearly 5,000 riders every year. While advancements in bike and helmet technology show some promise, the most significant step towards motorcycle accident reduction appears to be the education of motorcyclists in a formal training course. (See Hurt Report)

Recognizing the importance of training as a component of motorcycle accident prevention, Iowa requires any person under 18 years of age must complete a motorcycle rider education course before a class M license will be issued (Iowa Code section 321.180B). Iowa’s Motorcycle Rider Education (MRE) is administered by the Iowa Department of Transportation, Office of Driver Services. The course is actually comprised of two components, a Basic Rider Course (BRC) and the Basic Rider Course II (BRC II). The initial class, BRC, has a minimum of 15 hours of instruction including classroom education and range activities. The secondary class, BRC II, consists almost exclusively range activity. Successful course completion requires passage of a knowledge and skills test.

Motorcycle Rider Education in Iowa
Locations from website: Algona, Cherokee, Council Bluffs, Davenport, Forest City, Madrid, Newton, Ogden, West Burlington, Creston, Sioux City, Keokuk, Peosta, Sheldon, Marshalltown, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Hampton, Calmar, Pekin, Shenandoah, Waterloo, North Liberty, Des Moines, Clinton, Ankony, Carroll, Bettendorf, Muscaline, Fort Dodge, Emmetsburg, Spencer
ABATE of Iowa
1240 Washington Street
PO Box 70
Eldora, IA 50627
Phone: (641) 858-5001
Kirkwood Community College Basic Rider Program – classes offered in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City
cost of class: $155
Iowa Western Motorcycle Safety
IWCC Council Bluffs Campus – Kanesville Hall
Room 1318
cost of class: $150
Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Basic Rider Course
class locations are listed on website below – classes offered in Bettendorf, Muscatine, and Clinton
cost of class: $160
Iowa Lakes Community College Motorcycle Classes
Emmetsburg Campus
3200 College Drive
Emmetsburg, IA  50536
Phone: 712-852-3554
Clay County Fair Grounds
Spencer, IA
cost of class: $199
Southeastern Community College Motorcycle Safety
1500 West Agency Road
West Burlington, IA  52655
Phone: (866) SCC-IOWA

Iowa Motorcycle Events & GatheringsMotorcycle gatherings in Iowa

People are attached to motorcycling for many reasons: the thrill of being close to the pavement and having the elements embrace your body as you head down the highway– or just a fun mode of transportation. Whatever your reasons are for being attracted to motorcycle riding, there are many events where motorcyclists have an opportunity to meet up, discuss their interests and just have a plain good time. Below are some popular motorcycle events throughout Iowa.
A website by bikers for bikers that shows over 1,500 events that are upcoming.
Motorcycle Monsters
An online motorcycle resource that shows over 100 upcoming events in the area
An online motorcycle magazine that shows events all over the United States.
A world-wide listing of motorcycle events
An Official Biker Directory with a list of biker events in Iowa
Iowa Grand Rally
One weekend a year race at the end of May/ beginning of June 
Iowa Speedway (30 miles east of Des Moines, IA)
Sponsored by: Harley Davidson Big Bar, Iowa Speedway, Handy, 95KGGO, J & P Cycles
Calendar of rallies and events around Iowa.
Bike Down to I Town
A statewide family friendly event with over 6,000 bikers.
Downtown Square in Indianola, IA on the 3rd Friday of each month (April – September) from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Sponsored by: VanWall Powersports, Hupy & Abraham, S.C., the Bus 100.3, Miller Lite, Harley Shop Route 65
Awesome Biker Nights
A regional motorcycle event in downtown Sioux City, IA every June for 3 days/evenings.
Sponsored by: J & L Enterprises Staffing & Recruiting, K001 99.5 Classic Rock, Marina Inn Hotel & Conference Center, Budweiser, JD Gordon creative labs
Biker Chick News
A site written by a female biker who shares her biking adventures to connect with other female riders. She writes about events all over Iowa.

Motorcycle Clubs In Iowa

Motorcycle clubs offer an opportunity for motorcyclists with a similar background or interests to congregate and ride together. Frequently, these clubs sponsor charitable rides and other activities for their members to give back to the communities. For out-of-state motorcycle riders who wish to ride with a group, looking up a local chapter of a club in Iowa prior to a trip offers a unique opportunity to get an inside track on information that only the locals know– the best restuarants, best routes ect.

Iowa Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs
A grouping of motorcycle clubs in Iowa
Steel Horse Shades
Motorcycle windshields and windscreens manufacturer. There is a list of clubs on the website in Iowa.
Let’s Ride 411
An informational club for riders in MN, western WI and northern IA.
El Forastero Motorcycle Club
An “outlaw” motor club with events near Iowa.
Long Riders Club
An online magazine club for motorcycle enthusiasts that has events and other club information.
Iron Pegasus
A motorcycle club located in Iowa City/ Cedar Rapids. The members are dedicated to making a good image for the motorcycle community.
Mid Iowa Star
A local chapter of an international riding organization which welcomes all bikes and riders. This chapter is located in Des Moines.
Mountain Travel Guide
This site lists different motorcycle clubs in Iowa and who they represent.
A website that gives information to riders about starting to ride, being an experienced rider, safety, laws, clubs, etc.
The Bahnsturmers are a riding group who love to ride and promote riding and the joy it brings them. They are located in central Iowa.

Motorcycle Safety Information For Bikers In IowaMotorcycle safety websites

Keeping up to date with the latest motorcycle safety and trends has never been easier. Below are some websites that offer motorcyclists in Iowa– or any location information about to to stay safe on the roads.

10th Anniversary Motorcycle Safety Forum
The 10th year of the Motorcycle Safety Forum where bike safety, awareness, driving, clubs, etc are all discussed and participated in.
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
The Motorcycle Safety Foundation provides classes for safety and other types of riding classes all over and this listing shows Iowa.
Iowa Motorcycle Manual
A handbook of information on how to obtain a motorcycle license, class M, in Iowa.
Iowa Motorcycle Safety Forum
The 9th annual Motorcycle Safety Forum in Iowa, talking about all things motorcycle.
Iowa Safe and Mobile Seniors
Safety information given on motorcycle riding. Especially with the most people killed on motorcycles being people aged 45 and older.
All Things (Safety Oriented) Motorcycles
An overall discussion about all things related to motorcycle safety.
Western Iowa Tech Community College
A listing of all the motorcycle safety classes offered at Western Iowa Tech Community College.
American Motorcyclist
A state by state outline of what the safety requirements are for motorcycles.
Iowa’s Governer’s Traffic Safety Bureau
A part of this is dedicated to motorcycle safety and what is recommended and required in the state of Iowa.
Center for Disease Control Helmet Safety
An informational analysis on motorcycle helmet safety.

Motorcycle Repair Shops For Iowans

Nothing is more inconvenient than when a motorcycle breaks down during a ride. Here is an assembly of reputable motorcycle repair shops and agencies to help you find a good mechanic no matter where your need one or what type of motorcycle you need to get repaired.

Better Business Bureau
A listing of motorcycle shops, sale, repair, safety items, etc. in the Iowa area.
Motoshop Finder
Motorcycle and ATV shops and dealers in Iowa.
Iron Horse Helmets
A listing of Iowan motorcycle dealers who carry their product.
Iowa MDA
Listing of new and used motorcycle dealers of motorcycles, mopeds and ATV’s in the state of Iowa.
Mechanic Advisor
A directory of motorcycle mechanics in Iowa.
Paul’s Motorcycle Service
Repair shop in Council Bluffs, IA.
Contact: (712) 322-9808
Iowa DMV Motorcycle Repair
A listing through the Department of Motor Vehicles of repair areas through Iowa.
Harley Parts Brokers
A list of Iowa wide places that deal Harley parts.
Colsch Cycle & Repair
824 Volney Road
Monona, IA
Contact: (563) 535-7194
Many thanks to motorcycle enthusiasts around the country for their input assembling this compilation of resources motorcycle riding in Iowa.