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Pressure Ulcer Resources Added To Bed Sore FAQ

The acquisition of pressure ulcers during admissions to medical facilities (nursing homes and hospitals) remains a very real threat to the well being of patients who have compromised mobility during their admission.  Unknowingly, an extended admission to a medical facility may actually be putting the individual to a heightened risk for developing pressure ulcers as many facilties simply fail to educate their staff about the risk factors related to this condition.  Moreover, staffing levels at some medical facilities remain insufficient for facility staff to adequately attend the patient needs.

While the underlying conditions involving the development of pressure ulcers at medical facilities will vary from facility to facility, the underlying mechanics involved with the development of pressure ulcers remain consistent.  Unrelieved pressure and force are the main culprits involved in the development of pressure ulcers as patients are allowed to remain in one position for extended periods of time.  Even the seemingly ‘soft’ hospital beds usually have insufficient pressure distribution properties to distribute the forces put upon it with an individual’s own body weight.

Gradually, the force of body weight, tends to get centralized on bony prominences of the individual (usually the buttocks and hips) resulted in diminished blood flow to the tissue in the area.  Without a steady supply of nutrient giving blood, the tissue literally dies and a wound develops where the once healthy tissue once was.

Once a pressure ulcer develops, the patient is susceptible to a multiple complications that can rapidly contribute to long-term disability or even death.

A close examination of the circumstances involved in most pressure ulcer cases reveals a systematic problem at many facilities— where staff are simply not doing their jobs and properly looking after patients medical needs.  In response to this ongoing threat to patient safety, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC remain committed to the prosecution of pressure ulcer cases at all types of care facilities.

Our sister site, Bed Sore FAQ remains one of the most trusted sites related to pressure ulcer prevention, treatment, resources and legal options available to patients and families.  Bed Sore FAQ has grown from an informative site into a resource with the addition of a pressure sore treatment directory and educational resources.  As this resource continues its evolution, we invite you to take a look at the progression of this project.

Many of these additions have come at the suggestions of colleagues and clients.  Take a look and please drop us a line via the contact form at Bed Sore FAQ or Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC and let us know what you think!