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nursing home negligence lawsuitsInfections are one of the leading causes of death in nursing homes throughout the country. Unfortunately, many of these deaths are avoidable and preventable. However, when nursing homes are inattentive to the conditions that give rise to infections and then leave the infections untreated, nursing home residents are at risk.

Ultimately, an infection that is left untreated can turn into a very dangerous condition called sepsis. When someone develops septic shock, this is precisely how an infection can kill. If your loved one has developed an infection that has progressed to sepsis, it is important that you know more about this condition in order to better understand your legal rights. In many cases, sepsis can actually be a sign of nursing home negligence that can entitle your family to financial compensation.

Many nursing home negligence lawsuits result from the fact that a resident has died from or been injured by an infection. These lawsuits allege that the nursing home was negligent in failing to prevent and treat the infection. In order to understand how sepsis can result from nursing home negligence, it is important to know the various stages of an infection.

Nursing Homes are NegligentA review performed by the Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee discovered nearly 9,000 instances of nursing home abuse or neglect occurring at 5,283 nursing centers during a two year period. Almost one-third of all nursing facilities were responsible for at least one case of abuse during this time.

The study was both revealing and disturbing as it only reaffirms the fears that many people have when it comes to trusting their loved ones to the cares of other people. While some claim that the data is misleading, others believe that it is worth delving deeper into the state of our nursing care industry to determine whether we are suffering from a systemic problem.

Cases of Nursing Abuse Reveal a Disturbing Pattern

High School in ChicagoThe Chicago Public Schools have been inundated with complaints and allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse in its educational institutions. One particular school, Lincoln Park High School, has been the subject of a series of allegations that have resulted in numerous school personnel being suspended or fired. Now, CPS has been sued by the family of a student who alleges that the school did not do enough to prevent a sexual assault that she experienced at the school in January 2020.

Schools have an obligation to protect their students from all types of sexual abuse and assaults. They must provide adequate security in order to keep the students safe from outside intruders seeking to harm the students in school as well as from people within the four walls of the school. This includes both their fellow students as well as school employees such as teachers and administrators. Not only must the school have physical security protections in place, but it also must have policies and procedures that are reasonably intended to protect the students.

Even though school systems are governmental entities, they can still be defendants in lawsuits, albeit with slightly different rules governing the lawsuits. Governmental entities are accountable civilly for their failure to protect children from sexual abuse just the same as any other private entity. Parents of schoolchildren who are the victims of sexual abuse can file a sexual abuse lawsuit against the school.

car accident lawyerGoing through a car wreck is difficult enough. Dealing with a lawyer shouldn’t be.

If you choose to have a lawyer represent you, you’ll want somebody who will fight for you — and fight for the justice you deserve.

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Chicago nursing home attorneysFederal laws and regulations are meant to protect nursing home residents and provide for a minimum level of care. These rules form the basis for enforcement actions against nursing homes who fail to follow the rules that can include their suspension or removal from the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

However, the Trump Administration is taking steps to weaken these rules in a way that would put infirm nursing home residents at the mercy of the nursing homes that do everything they can to increase their profits at the expense of the residents that they are supposed to care for on a daily basis.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC remains, committed to protecting the legal rights of nursing home patients. If your family member was injured in a nursing facility, contact a Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer now.

Lawsuits Involving Hernia Mesh2020 promises to be a busy and eventful year in product liability litigation against hernia mesh manufacturers. There are several bellwether cases in multidistrict litigation that are scheduled to begin trial in 2020.

The defendants are fighting these cases and have not settled them or conceded any type of liability. These bellwether cases are crucial because there is a large number of potential cases yet to be filed in hernia mesh lawsuits. Millions of surgeries have relied upon the implant, and the failure rate is estimated as high as 12-30%. Moreover, many of the plaintiffs do not realize until years after the surgery that they were injured because some of the mesh implants can take time to erode.

Bellweather Hernia Lawsuit Trails: An Indication of What is to Come

One of the major issues in a sexual abuse lawsuit is the fact that the statute of limitations may have passed. In many states, this could prevent the victim from filing a lawsuit unless they do it within the time allowed by the court. The problem is that many victims either are not able to speak out right after they experience the abuse or may not even fully recall it until the repressed memories emerge later in life.

When that happens but the claim is barred by the statute of limitations, it creates a situation that seems to be harsh and unfair to those who have already suffered enough. However, many states are now changing their laws to allow victims much more time to file a sexual abuse lawsuit.

Emerging Liberal Interpretations of Statute of Limitations

Chicago nursing home abuse lawyersNursing home residents are perhaps the most vulnerable population when it comes to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. Mortality rates are higher among this population and there have been large outbreaks of the illness that have turned fatal at some nursing homes.

As a result, nursing home operators are scrambling to figure out ways that they can protect their residents from coronavirus (Covid 19). At least, families should be strongly hoping that the nursing homes where their loved ones reside are trying to take preventative measures. Some skilled nursing facilities are taking steps to restrict visitors in an effort to protect their residents.

Higher Death Rate in Older Patients with Coronavirus