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The local community has been stunned after learning that alleged sexual abuse occurred at the elite Ojai, CA, private school. Thacher School, California’s oldest boarding school, was founded in 1889 by Sherman Day Thacher, remaining one of the state’s most prestigious private institutions. The all-boys boarding school began accepting girls in 1977.

The lavish 427-acre campus overlooks picturesque Ojai Valley in Ventura County, less than 30 miles east of Santa Barbara. Parents pay more than $64,000 a year for their children to attend the Ojai boarding academy.

Decades of Alleged Sexual Misconduct Involving Students

Many people have heard of class action lawsuits. Class action suits and class action litigation are in the news a lot because the accidents that precipitate them are normally in the news: securities fraud involving large corporations, individual claims or related claims of price-fixing against airlines, product liability complaints for auto makers, and other big newsworthy events affecting many people.

Our law firm understands how class action lawsuits work including securities class actions including issues related to the large-scale legal action, class action law principles, class certification, and the procedural rules and federal rules of federal court and state courts.

Talk to a personal injury lawyer from our law firm today to hear how we represent class members, the lead plaintiff, and class representatives in a class action lawsuit or class action settlements through an attorney client relationship. We can give you a free evaluation of class actions and an individual free case evaluation with legal advice.

An intentional tort occurs when someone wrongfully and purposefully acts and that causes harm to another. They do not necessarily need to intend to cause the eventual outcome for an intentional tort claim to be valid but they need to intend to commit the wrongful act according to most intentional tort cases and civil law doctrine.

The consequences of intentional torts and the intentional infliction of harm can be severe and include bodily harm, emotional distress, real property destruction, harmful contact, offensive contact, personal property loss, and other serious side effects.

Frequent examples of an intentional tort are intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment, harmful or offensive contact (i.e. battery), trespass onto someone else’s property, attempted battery or assault), offensive touching like abuse, and if fraud occurs.

UPDATE: Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, LLC is now accepting personal injury cases for victims affected by the Rockton Chemtool blast that led to the evacuation of businesses and homes.

A horrific fire and explosion at the Lubrizol Corporation’s Rockton Chemtool plant released ash plumes and flying debris on Monday, June 14, 2021, covering local businesses and residential homes miles away from the blast. People and businesses in northern Illinois, including Rockton, South Beloit, and Roscoe, were affected.

Local law enforcement evacuated people within a one-mile radius and advised all people within three miles of the plant to wear masks while air quality was measured and water quality monitored. At least a thousand people were evacuated from the one-mile radius evacuation zone.

Applying to one or more law schools can be stressful and confusing in knowing where to apply, if your stats are acceptable, and if the education is affordable. Obtaining a law degree at the best law schools is usually highly competitive, where school officials reject many more applications than they accept.

Once a law school receives your application, the Law School Admission Council credential assembly service will ensure that they’ve received every transcript from all institutions you’ve attended in higher learning.

National Law School Admissions Statistics

You may have a friend or family member that brought suit against someone else. The case could have resulted from a dog bite, construction accident, automobile collision, or other incident. Tort law refers to the civil side of the law, and it stands alongside criminal law to make up the two main branches of our legal system.

We will review in detail what a tort is and what tort lawsuits are so that you have a better understanding of modern tort law as well as related concepts of monetary compensation, intentional tort, tortious act, tort liability, civil wrong, and civil law.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC manages tort lawsuits for civil wrong in order to obtain compensation for victims. This can include sums for hospital expenses, emotional distress, punitive damages, wrongful death, and more. Review the sections below and contact us if you have any questions about the relevant duty of care or breach of that.

Dangerous manufacturer defects are the cause of many across the United States including those involving insufficient warnings, design defect, and maker error in the product.

Every year, they cause substantial injury and even many deaths. Some frequent sources of deadly product defects include medications, lawn sprays, automobiles, business construction equipment, and even home building components.

Contact the attorneys of our law firm if a dangerous company product harmed you in an accident. A skilled attorney, experienced in product liability law, can speak with you about your injury and whether or not you may have a case against the manufacturer.

Sepsis is the immune system’s overwhelming reaction to the presence of infection. The abnormal response releases toxic chemicals into the bloodstream to fight off the infection, resulting in significant inflammation and other damaging effects.

The disease triggers a chain reaction in the body, damaging organs and destroying body tissue. Without treatment, the body responds to sepsis with a drop in blood pressure that could drastically decrease to life-threatening levels, resulting in a loss of life.

Are you the victim of sepsis that could have been avoided had the medical team follow the established protocols? Did your family lose a loved one to septic shock leading to a preventable loss of life?

Working as a judge is a respectable and noble profession that pays well. Becoming a judge typically takes years of hard work in legal practice.

Most judges serve the community by presiding over court proceedings in the United States at the local, state, and federal levels. Based on jurisdiction, voters may elect a judge, or a government official will appoint them.

A long career path for a judicial appointment will require specific qualifications and licenses to fulfill specific functions, including:

Becoming a lawyer does not happen overnight, where any potential candidate must first complete years of college and sit for the bar exam. Typically, earning a law degree takes most students three years or longer based on the particular path.

However, the length of time could be shorter or longer, depending on the individual’s career path. Before taking the bar examination, you will need to obtain a Juris Doctor (JD) degree at an accredited law school, which typically takes three years to complete.

Obtaining a Law Degree