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workers' compensationCompanies will hire temporary workers in uncertain economic times. There are definite costs in bringing on a worker on a full-time basis. Companies will need to pay more in worker benefits, so it is more expensive to hiring a permanent worker. In fact, temporary workers may earn approximately 40% less than permanent workers.

Why a Host Company Hires a Temp Worker

Temporary workers can do construction and other heavy work at a job site. They could also do light-duty work in an office. Either way, they are at risk of a workplace injury, even if it means that have contracted COVID-19 on the job. They may even suffer fatal injuries on the job. There are many different ways that a temp worker can suffer a permanent disability or temporary partial disability.

Zantac lawsuitsThe Zantac lawsuits that are in federal court are now part of multi-district litigation against Sanofi and Boehringer Ingelheim. This case is in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The case has been assigned to Judge Robin Rosenberg. As of the current writing, there are 291 cases that are a part of the multi-district litigation.

We anticipate that this number will rise sharply in the future given the sheer number of people who have taken Zantac over the years. Even if only a small proportion of patients were affected by the alleged defect in the product, this could still mean thousands of lawsuits.

Recall of Ranitidine Products for High Levels of NDMA

injured in a car accidentIf you have been injured in a car accident, you are likely focused on filing a lawsuit against the driver of the other vehicle. While that is always a possibility, there are others against whom you can file a personal injury claim.

This can allow you to lodge a negligence action against a defendant with deeper pockets who can not only pay your medical expenses but can also pay other claims such as compensatory damages and property damage in a jury award or settlement agreement.

Of course, when you file a lawsuit as a plaintiff, you will likely be naming the driver of the other vehicle as a defendant. However, there may be other parties who bear some of the blame for the accident. Your personal injury attorney will likely look to see if there are other defendants who can be added to the lawsuit.

personal injury venue selectionWhen you file a personal injury lawsuit, the venue for your trial matters. It can make the difference in whether you are able to recover for your injury and the amount of your financial compensation. You want to choose the right venue for your case, even though there are rules that govern where you can file your lawsuit. Within those laws, you want to increase the chances that you will end up in front of a sympathetic jury that will award you the financial compensation that you deserve.

When you have been injured in an accident, you will need to be compensated for the damages that you have suffered from your serious injury. This includes lost wages, costs of medical treatment and physical therapy and pain and suffering. You would need an adequate jury award to cover all of these.

Venue Rule in Illinois

Car accidentsWhen you have been in a car accident or have suffered any other injuries, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to recover for the full amount of your injuries as an injured plaintiff, even if you have proven that someone else is to blame for the incident in your tort case.

This is because the laws of comparative fault mean that establishing the defendant’s negligence is not the end of the legal inquiry.

Instead, the court will then look at your actions to see the role that the injured person played in the incident or auto accident. In other words, if you caused your own injury, you cannot be paid.

Why is Ethylene Oxide so toxicAccording to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), Ethylene Oxide (ETO) is a human-made, highly toxic, colorless, flammable gas that, at room temperature, produces a sweet odor.

Ethylene Oxide gases are hazardous substances utilized in the production of ethylene glycol used in numerous products, including pharmaceuticals, polyurethane foam, adhesives, detergents, textiles, anti-freeze, and solvents.

Even minimal exposure to highly toxic Ethylene Oxide gas can create an increased risk of adverse health effects, including blurred vision, difficulty with breathing, breast cancer, and nervous system conditions.

Talc Powder and Johnson and Johnson Having to Pull ItFor decades, baby powder was viewed as Johnson & Johnson’s flagship product. The company started selling baby powder with talc in it all the way back in 1894, only eight years after the company was founded.

However, Johnson & Johnson’s century-plus history of marketing talc-based baby powder is now over as several crushing jury verdicts have made selling the product a high-risk proposition. Juries have found the pharmaceutical giant’s product responsible for cases of cancer and have ordered the company to pay billions of dollars in damages.

Juries Have Issued Large Talc Powder Verdicts

Sexual abuse of children is the most insidious type of crime because it produces harms that often do not manifest themselves until years after the abuse occurred.

For this reason, the crime usually goes unreported until after the state statute of limitations (SOL) for bringing a lawsuit has expired, leaving the victim no legal recourse to seek recompense from the civil justice system.

However, as a result of growing awareness about the nature of sexual abuse and its lingering effects, as well as widely publicized cases involving pervasive abuse within high-profile organizations, some states including Illinois are making changes to their laws in order to allow victims their day in court.

motor vehicle accidentWhen drivers are injured on the job, the usual remedy that they would pursue to be paid for their injuries is to file for workers’ compensation benefits.

There is a legal question involved as to what the proper remedy is when one is in a work-related car accident. Is it a workers’ comp claim? Or do you need the advice of a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer?

Injured workers wonder whether they must go through the workers’ compensation system or whether they can sue someone else. A public road is still a work environment if an employee is on company time.

personal injuries on someone’s propertyHomeowners Insurance can cover a variety of bodily injury that someone who does not own the home or is not a family member suffers. The homeowner would have personal liability coverage that would kick in once someone begins the claims process. Then, the home insurer would make a payment to the injured person.

The Homeowners Policy Acts as a Personal Liability Insurance

The most common type of injury that would require filing a claim against a homeowner’s policy is when you have fallen on the homeowner’s property and have been hurt in an accident.