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March 15, 2015

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OSHA Inspectors Recognize Safety Problems for Employees at Furniture ManufacturersAshley Furniture is being fined $1.76 million for multiple violations of safety regulations by OSHA inspectors— some of which were committed willfully and with full knowledge of the potentially negative consequences.

Over the last three and a half years, the infractions have resulted in over 1,000 injuries at the company’s plant in Arcadia, Wisconsin.

Ashley Furniture has responded by calling the fines inappropriate and overzealous.

Still, the number of injuries to plant workers over such a short period and the blatant disregard taken toward safety highlights a culture in the company in which the health and well-being of workers have taken a back seat to large profits and a small bottom line.

OSHA Inspectors Launched Following Numerous Injuries to Workers

The sheer volume of workplace injuries being reported over the last several years incited the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to launch an investigation into the cause of the injuries and to explore whether proper measures were being taken to protect employees from harm.

Numerous violations were discovered, including a dozen willful and repeated violations and 14, deemed a severe hazard to employees.

As a result, the company is now required to undergo placement in the Severe Violator Enforcement Program, which will require the plant to be subject to regular inspections and change its policies to meet OSHA standards.

The fine and placement in the program come after Ashley Furniture was previously cited following an incident in which an employee had lost part of a finger in an accident.

Many accidents resulting in concern have involved injuries in which workers are harmed by moving machinery or components.

It was determined that inadequate measures were taken to ensure that machinery would not start when workers did not intend— such as when changing blades— and that the machinery lacked safety devices that could prevent contact with moving parts or reduce the severity of injuries.

The company also failed to provide safety training or properly train employees on properly operating dangerous machines capable of causing extreme bodily harm.

Legal Implications of Findings by OSHA Inspectors

Ashley Furniture has expressed that it disagrees with every claim made by OSHA inspectors.

Still, if the company is unable to win an appeal, the violations cited in the $1.76 million fine may be used as the basis for personal injury claims by workers who have been injured while working in the Arcadia plant.

Workers are entitled to worker’s compensation in the event of any injury but may be able to receive additional compensation if it can be proven that Ashley Furniture acted negligently.

Willful negligence often results in more harsh judgments against companies, including punitive damages awarded to plaintiffs to punish the company or to set an example so that other companies avoid negligent policies and actions that may result in a similar move.

Ashley Furniture has asserted that only a quarter of the 1,000 injuries reported over the last three and a half years were serious or required time off of work.

Multiple reports have already surfaced of injuries that resulted in the partial or complete removal of one or more fingers due to contact with moving machine parts.

Given the number of injuries reported, this places the company in a precarious situation should over 250 employees have valid claims that Ashley Furniture’s willful violation of OSHA standards resulted in injuries that caused severe injuries that resulted in the inability to work or extended unemployment during recovery.

Responding to An OSHA Inspection

When the employer receives an OSHA citation, it must be addressed promptly and seriously.

Should the fine issued by OSHA inspectors withstand an appeal, employees should have all the evidence they require to seek damages for their injuries. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are available for legal advise.


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