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The quick and explosive nature of any car accident may cause personal injury requiring medical treatment, diagnostic tests (x-ray, x-rays, MRI scan, MRIs, medical imaging, neck or disc tests and scan pictures, personal examination by a doctor, muscle diagnosis, etc.), and other medical treatment.

These are all designed to detect and diagnose the symptoms of severe pain and injuries that injured victims experience in a car accident, like a herniated disc, soft tissue damage, broken bones, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and others.

Getting an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) may help spot these injuries.

Why You May Want an MRI After a Car Accident

MRIs are regularly used to diagnose injuries sustained in car accidents as they can identify conditions that other diagnostic testing cannot.

Our law firm encourages anyone with serious personal injury to their body from a car accident to get an MRI scan and X-rays because these MRIs may show your medical injuries more than other tests.

Lawyers at our firm assist patients after car accidents and obtain compensation.

This can help them pay down the cost of diagnostic medical images doctors may or could perform, like radio x-rays, CT scans, spinal taps, or MRI scans.

Getting an MRI may be expensive, so contact us for a free and no-cost or obligation consultation about a claim under the law.

The injured may be able to file a law claim for their pain and costs against the insurance company or at-fault party in the car accident. Our firm can help, and the following sections explain this topic.

The Nature and Danger of Car Accidents

The human body is subject to various injuries and hurts in a car collision or similar event.

Automobiles, glass, poles, trees, airbags, and all kinds of dangers lurk on the roads and highways. Any one of these and more can cause injury to car accident victims.

Typically, these are the most vulnerable parts of the body:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Knee
  • Disc
  • Hands

If you are hurt or experience declining health, consider an MRI scan test to diagnose what may be wrong.

Our law firm could help a patient file a claim for compensation to recoup the costs of these exams or pursue insurance recovery.

Give us a phone call to learn more.

Why Do Doctors Recommend an MRI for Car Accident Injuries?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic tool used in the medical profession.

It uses magnetic fields and radio waves to generate images of different areas of your body, including tissues, organs, discs, and other bodies.

Plus, an MRI is noninvasive and high-resolution. This lets your doctor see what is going on, diagnose you, and treat you accordingly and in a straightforward manner.

The MRI machine is pretty big and uses magnets in various tubes.

It would be best if you lay within the MRI machine for it to work. The magnetic fields and radio waves briefly contort your body molecules to generate signals that create an image-sometimes 3D images too.

These images can be manipulated so the doctor can look at the injury from various angles.

Here are some common problems that a doctor may want to test you for with an MRI or multiple MRIS:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Tumor
  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Eye or ear injury
  • Spinal cord injury

Getting an MRI, CT scan, or other test may help after you are hurt.

Call our law firm to report what happened and determine the available compensation.

Our business facility can help at all hours of the day.

What to Do After an Accident That Is Not Your Fault? Our Attorneys Can Help

If you are in an accident and harm your knee, back, disc, or body part, a doctor may help immediately with an MRI or other procedure.

However, an experienced legal team can also offer support in different ways and categories, including the following:

  • Organizing your medical file.
  • Keeping track of all your expenses and lost income.
  • Communicating with the insurance company.
  • Filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party or their employer.
  • Initiating settlement negotiations.

If you or another patient needs help after an MRI, search through our website center or call our number for more assistance.

What Compensation and Relief is Available after a Crash?

If you are harmed or a loved one is killed in a tragic incident, you may wonder what recovery is available in court.

This is especially true if you are considering a case and the time and effort required to try a lawsuit successfully.

The general answer is that you can seek monetary relief for the total extent of your damages, including economic (hospital bills including MRI or other tests, lost income, property loss, etc.) and non-economic (suffering, disability, disfigurement, etc.) harms and losses.

The answer depends on your experience and how the events damaged you.

You should speak with your legal counsel to determine the full nature of relief that may be available. They can report more specifically.

If you need help after an MRI, search our website center or call our number for more assistance.

Injury Cases Involving MRI and Other Diagnostic Treatment

$639,000 Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement

The 44-year-old plaintiff was riding in the back of his friend’s car when they were rear-ended west of Chicago. He suffered a herniated disc, back trauma, and facial lacerations-medical expenses totaling about $250,000 due to the accident.

After an MRI and other diagnostic imaging, doctors diagnosed him with injuries, including radiculopathy and spinal damage at LF, and performed surgery on his spine (herniated disc) and back.

He had permanent damage to his back and needed long-term medical treatment (steroid injections).

His car accident lawyers settled with the driver’s insurance company through his law firm for $639,000.

$500,000 Truck Crash Settlement Case:

A family was driving on the highway on the south side of Chicago when a large truck sideswiped them.

The driver of the family’s passenger vehicle sustained soft tissue damage to her back, several fractured bones, and a traumatic brain injury.

She required extensive medical treatment (over $60,000 worth) and other costs like MRI testing.

She brought suit against the truck driver and company, but only the latter had sufficient coverage, so the claim proceeded against that business.

Eventually, as the two sides finished haggling, the woman obtained $500,000 for her damages in the case.

$350,000 Auto Settlement Case

The plaintiff was parked at a red light on the south side of Chicago when the defendant rear-ended him. He sustained whiplash and other cervical injuries.

He needed back and spinal surgeries totaling over $100,000 in medical expenses, especially from the MRI cost, doctor exam, neck and disc test, etc.

To make up for these pain and costs, he sued the defendant. The defendant did not have the necessary funds to cover the plaintiff’s damages.

However, his insurance carrier covered the gap, and the plaintiff obtained $350,000 in settlement compensation.

$800,000 Rear-End Collision Settlement Case

A truck driver rear-ended the plaintiff, a man in his late fifties, as he sat waiting in his automobile in a traffic jam on an Illinois highway.

Due to the event, the plaintiff experienced shoulder tendonitis, rotator cuff strain, joint damage, and PTSD.

Counting all of the medical and doctor bills, he spent one-quarter of a million dollars because of the car crash and lost almost $200,000 from missing work in recovery while hurt by the injuries.

In a legal case, he sued the truck driver and a large truck company to compensate for the pain, trauma, and suffering.

The parties decided to get around the trial by privately negotiating, and they eventually settled for $800,000.

$525,000 Child Accident Settlement Case

In this Illinois child accident lawsuit, a little girl was injured when a large truck rear-ended the car she was in.

The child sustained several serious injuries, including broken bones, scarring, and eye damage. She needed multiple operations and even plastic surgery.

The medical bills topped $100,000 for the MRI, doctor consult, etc.

The parents sued the trucking company responsible for the Illinois truck accident, Schroeder Associates Inc. In a private settlement, the trucking company gave the family $525,000 for damages.

$495,000 Car Settlement Case

A young woman in her late teens was injured when her friend crashed into a pole in the Cook County suburbs of Chicago.

She sustained a concussion, broken clavicle, and other personal injuries.

They necessitated multiple surgeries (medical bills were more than $75,000) and diagnostic testing (i.e., MRI).

The young girl also experienced ongoing pain and disability due to the circumstances of the motor vehicle accident.

She sued the driver for reckless driving and negligence. The pair agreed to settle the matter for $495,000.

Experiencing a Car Accident Injury? Our Law Firm Can Help

No matter what personal injury you experience from a car accident or other traumatic event, the Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC can assist you.

Our team brings legal claims for car accident victims’ pain, suffering, and expenses, such as MRI fees.

Contact our car accident injury lawyers today to see what relief and recovery may be available.

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