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Why Motorcycle Passengers Should File Suit against the Responsible Party

motorcycle passengers can file lawsuits against operatorsEvery time a motorcycle passenger agrees to go for a ride, their lives are put in the hands of the driver. Unlike being driven in a truck or car, motorcycle passengers have no protection of an airbag, seat belt, steel frame, or other important safety feature. Even wearing durable clothing and a helmet does little to protect the passenger from colliding with a larger vehicle.

Motorcycle Accident Causes

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by not properly taking necessary safety precautions. Many factors including tailgating, excessive speed, riding between lanes, distraction, driving while under the influence, and lack of experience play a significant role in the motorcyclist’s ability to drive safely. In addition to reckless driving and driver error, other factors can cause serious injury to the passenger involved in a motorcycle accident. These include:

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Road conditions
  • Deffective equipment
  • Reckless driving by other drivers
  • Rear end collision

Every time a motor vehicle operator takes to the road, they must remember that motorcycles do not react in traffic like a car or truck. Motorcyclists and their passengers are placed at a higher risk of becoming seriously injured from an accident. Fortunately, passengers hurt in a motorcycle accident have protection under the law and can file a motorcycle injury claim to receive financial recompense.

Providing Reasonable Care

It is the responsibility of the motorcycle operator to provide reasonable care for every passenger. Unfortunately, many insurance companies attempt to argue that the passenger somehow contributed to the accident causing his or her own injuries by riding with a motorcyclist who was driving erratically. This action taken by the insurance company is usually an attempt to divert blame as a way to minimize the financial recompense provided to the passenger injured in the accident. Fortunately, hiring the skills of an experienced attorney can dissuade claims adjusters from using this tactic.

Filing against a Relative or Friend

Many passengers that have been injured because of a motorcycle accident are uncomfortable about filing a claim or suing a relative or friend. However, accidents often equate to extensive medical expenses and months of missed wages from the inability to go back to work.

It is important to note that the insurance company, and not the relative or friend pays any financial compensation to the injured passenger involved in a motorcycle accident. While it may be true that insurance premiums of the motorcyclist will rise, the amount likely would have increased anyway if they were found responsible for the accident.

Best Legal Options

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have helped accident victims that have been hurt in motorcycle accidents by filing a claim or suit for financial recompense (learn more about these motorcycle accidents here). Monies received help the injured passenger get back on track and pay down their extensive bills. The amount of financial recompense can cover medical expenses, lost wages (both in the past and the future), disfigurement, past and future pain and suffering, and loss of companionship or society.

Hiring an Attorney

Hiring attorneys that specialize in motorcycle accidents is essential to avoid settling the case cheaply, without the consideration of extensive future medical bills and healthcare needs. A dedicated team of lawyers can provide peace of mind by building a solid case for financial recompense. The attorneys will provide a variety of services that often include:

  • Sending investigators to the scene of the motorcycle accident
  • Hiring qualified experts to reconstruct the accident scene when necessary
  • Gathering evidence to support the case including police reports
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Handling all necessary legal paperwork
  • Evaluating medical reports and expenses
  • Keeping the client informed throughout the entire legal process

Motorcycle injury cases are often very complex, and understanding exactly how to move forward with the claim can often be confusing. However, reputable injury attorneys can navigate the legal minefield and determine responsibility for the accident and the proper amount of compensation for the injured passenger. Protecting rights is important because the injured passenger should never have to pay for another individual’s careless mistake, whether the accident was caused by the motorcycle driver or another vehicle.