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Metal-on-Metal Hip Defect Cases: Are We Just Beginning To See The Full Extent Of The Damage?

metal hip pictureIt’s hard to believe, but its been more than two years since the popular DePuy hip replacement products (ASR hip replacement and resurfacing system) were pulled from the market. To onlookers, the publicity of this medical device recall may seem like a bit much as many television programs seem to be funded almost entirely by attorneys advertising on daytime television. However, for the recipients of these devices, many have literally seen their health and overall quality of life deteriorate significantly since they have received these devices.

DePuy & Other Metal-on-Metal (MOM) Devices Impacted

It is now evident that many similar design features that were once promoted as the ‘safest’ and ‘most durable’ have now been associated with complications found in other devices such as the popular Stryker Trident hip prosthesis. While the products may have different names and manufacturers, the crux of these cases lies both in the actual design of the hip replacement product itself and in the material used to manufacture them.

False Assurances

Artificial hips that were promoted to bring years of pain-free activity to people who had developed a need for the devices due to arthritis or trauma have left a growing number of recipients in positions far worse today than they were in before the procedures. In addition to recurring pain and mobility issues, some metal-on-metal hip recipients have a condition known as metalosis, where the heavy metals used in the manufacture of the products have actually become absorbed by the body leading dangerously high levels of chromium and cobalt which can result in complications such as organ failure.

Corrective Surgery To Remove The Devices

Depending on the individuals overall health and medical needs, some of these artificial hip devices are now being surgically removed and replaced with more traditional products. In most cases, the revision surgery is far more invasive than the initial procedure due to the fact that surgeons may need to remove sizable amounts of healthy bone in order to ensure that the replacement hip is stable and has a tight fit.

An Insincere Attempt To Make People Feel Like The Manufacturer Is Looking Out For Their Interests

At the request of these manufacturers, orthopedic surgeons have sent letters and flyers out to their patients who have the recalled devices implanted into their bodies. Some of these letters were enough to entice recipients into establishing claims the third-party claims administrators under the incorrect assumption that filing a claim with the company is the same as filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer and hence satisfies the respective statute of limitations.

In reality, establishing a claim with an administrative organization that is hired by an artificial hip manufacturer is neither a procedural requirement nor necessarily a help to resolving a claim. Rather, many of these claim handling companies are unnecessarily giving people with DePuy, Stryker and other devices a false sense of comradery when they are little more than an extension of the manufacturers operation.

First Hand Experience With Hip Recall Cases

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC was one of the first law firms in Illinois to become involved in litigation surrounding recalled metal hips. We have first-hand experience with both the devices at issue, the status of the litigation and how these medical products have impacted the people with them.

If you have questions about your legal rights with respect to a particular device, we welcome you to contact our office for a free consultation with a hip recall attorney.

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