Megabus Crash Another Example of Companies Safety Issues

Dangerous Records for Mega Bus CompaniesThe recent Megabus crash is the fourth collision that has occurred for the low-cost carrier since October 2014. The recent accident happen just south of Indianapolis, Indiana on Interstate 65. Initial reports indicate that the double-decker bus did not provide adequate time or distance to avoid hitting a semi-truck stopped in the roadway. In addition to the initial collision, subsequent passenger vehicles collided into the wreck causing a chain reaction. No one in the other vehicles suffered any life-threatening injuries.

Megabus is a major transportation provider carrying thousands of passengers to their destinations every day. Throughout every year, the company transports more than 18 million passengers across northern America. The company is owned and operated by Coach USA, a recognized interstate commercial carrier with more than 250 buses in their fleet. As a low cost transportation carrier, the bus line offers one-way tickets for as little as one dollar. Because of that, most of the company’s buses traveling the nation’s interstates are filled to capacity.

Even though the 19 injuries occurring in the April, 2015 bus crash were not serious, important questions have been raised about the company’s procedures on maintaining their buses along with driver training and road safety. While the carrier is able to offer low-fare solutions, they also have the ability to avoid various safety rules because they pick up and drop off customers at curbside locations instead of traditional bus terminals.

Determining Cause of the Megabus Accident

Coach USA and its subsidiaries including Megabus are no strangers to lawsuits and claims for compensation. Personal injury attorneys specializing in commercial carrier accidents have filed suit on behalf of many victims of the Megabus accident tragedies. Through accident reconstruction, incident investigation and accounts from eyewitnesses, experts are able to determine the exact cause.

Initial reports of many of the company’s accidents reveal that the commercial carrier has repeatedly failed to maintain their buses properly, train their drivers adequately, or require drivers to perform a comprehensive inspection before and after each bus trip as mandated by FMCSR (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations).

Filing a Claim for Injuries Sustained by Passengers on Megabus

In many incidences, commercial buses do not have seatbelts. As a result, any injury caused by a collision becomes more serious. Many individuals suffering injuries in a Megabus crash require hospitalization that generates extensive medical bills and time away from work. As a result, victims often file a claim for compensation against the commercial carrier to cover their damages, losses and injuries. However, successfully receiving compensation can be complex. This is because claims representatives working for Coach USA often deny a claim outright or delay payment in an effort to stress the victim to the point of accepting a low settlement offer.

Often times, adjusters working for Megabus will ask the trash victim to produce a recorded statement. They use this gathered information as a way to twist the victim’s words to be used against them when attempting to obtain financial recompense for their claim. In fact, the victim can expect to receive a “lowball” settlement within days or weeks after the accident. However, this tactic usually causes the victim to sign away their valuable legal rights for adequate compensation. This is why it is essential to hire an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in vehicle accidents.

Hiring an Lawyer to Represent Your Interests Against Megabus

Most victims are unaware that they usually have a very strong claim when involved in an accident on a commercial bus. This is because every bus company in the United States must follow “common carrier” rules and how they operate and maintain their businesses. If the bus company can be shown that they did not follow strict commercial carrier safety rules mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, the case for compensation is made even stronger.

Victims filing a claim need to consider hiring a reputable personal injury attorney with experience in commercial bus accidents. A reputable law firm will be skilled at negotiating out-of-court settlements and presenting a lawsuit at trial. The attorney will have access to all necessary resources including medical, technical and business professionals who can provide expert testimony. The lawyers use their extensive knowledge to assist their clients in tackling claims and lawsuits against powerful insurance and corporate industries.

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