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Tons of accidents require you to go to the ER and even long-term physical therapy facility. This can generate enormous medical bills for the medical treatment and related medical care.

If you talk to a personal injury lawyer from our law firm, we can review how an insurance company or health insurance company may try to get you to pay for your medical care after a car accident or other event.

An experienced personal injury attorney can speak with you in a free consultation or free case evaluation to give you legal advice related to the incident, to help you recover past medical expenses and physical therapy, future medical expenses, your own health insurance plan, prescription medications, at fault insurance states, at fault coverage for doctor bills, negotiated discounts, pip coverage, related medical bills, economic damages, non economic damages, policy limits, and how you can receive compensation with the help of qualified personal injury attorneys.

A no obligation consultation with the personal injury attorneys from our personal injury law firm can show you how a personal injury claim can get your bills paid by the insurance company or at fault person after the accident.

You should not have to shoulder the medical costs yourself and we can help you see how to get your medical bills paid and other medical expenses after you get medical treatment following a crash or incident. The following sections review this subject in greater detail.

What You Need to Prove to Get Compensation for Your Medical Bills

Most states allow plaintiffs to bring a legal matter (i.e. car accident case) or through a no fault system of insurance for their physical injuries, emotional injuries, lost wages, and medical bills so long as they were caused from another person’s negligence.

If you can prove this with reasonable certainty, then obtaining compensation from the at fault party in a personal injury settlement will be easier and you get money for your medical treatments, medical expenses, and other things.

  • The other person caused the car accident or other accident and your subsequent damages.
  • You sustained medical bills as a result of this car accident.
  • You were not at fault.
  • The insurance company covered you or the at fault party.

Schedule a free consultation now to learn what compensation you could recover in a personal injury claim to pay for your medical bills and other expenses.

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help Get Money for Your Medical Bills from a Health Insurance Company or Other Person

An injured person can work with a personal injury attorney after a car crash, car accidents, or some other event to get money through the legal process.

A personal injury lawsuit can obtain personal injury damages to cover money for costs for medical providers, health care providers, medical professionals, and other people that treated your serious injuries including related costs for medical records retrieval and health insurer medical appointments.

Here are just a couple of ways that skilled and experienced injury claim attorney can assist accident victims, including those with medical liens, get compensation to reimburse those that treated their accident injuries.

  1. Obtain a complete medical history from all medical care providers including all medical treatments and all medical expenses. They can also tally and total all medical costs from the car accident or other event.
  2. Correspond with all insurance companies to ensure you do not disclose facts adverse to your claim.
  3. Research the facts that gave rise to your personal injury claim and determine who was responsible under the no fault insurance and no fault coverage laws of your state, and, therefore, identify who will be responsible to pay your medical bills.
  4. Negotiate a personal injury settlement to pay your medical expenses with the person that caused the car accident or similar incident.

Schedule a free consultation to see what compensation you could get in a personal injury settlement from the insurance company to pay for your medical expenses / medical bills from medical treatments.

Sample Awards and Settlements of Health Care Claims

While future outcomes in court cannot be guaranteed, these sample cases demonstrate what is compensation and relief are possible through the legal system including money for your medical care.

$800,000 Settlement; Car Accident Case; 2016:

In this case, the defendant smack his car into the back of the plaintiff’s automobile just south of Lake County in Chicago-Cook County. The woman suffered back injuries, a spinal injury, and other harm to the brain and the rest of the body. These serious injuries presented long term medical implications.

She brought this claim against the driver but he was devoid of funds so she proceeded to the insurance company. Those two parties were able to work out a private agreement to settle the matter for a reported $800,000.

$1,420,000 Drunk Driving Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settlement; 2008:

Here, a man was drunk driving and crossed the median and then slammed into another passenger vehicle head-on. The drunk driver was driving drunk and was borrowing his parents’ car at the time of the accident.

His blood alcohol level was way beyond drunk. Plus, two people in the car he hit died. They were both just in their middle twenties sadly.

Family members of the people the drunk driver killed brought a wrongful death claim and then wrongful death lawsuit with the aid of personal injury attorneys. They sought compensation within the statute of limitations for the death, personal injury, pain and suffering, and medical bills that the impaired driving caused them and their loved one.

Note, the man also faced criminal charges and jail time in a related case. The defendants families settled with the plaintiffs for $1.42 million to end the drunk driving wrongful death claim.

$895,000 Settlement; Truck Accident Case; 2020:

In this automobile accident case, a woman in her late teens was a passenger in a rental motor vehicle travelling down I-55 in Southern Illinois. They were riding through a construction zone when they were suddenly rear-ended. She suffered a femoral shaft fracture that needed intramedullary nailing. The girl also injured her shoulder, spine, and brain.

The bills for her medical treatment were about $175,000. She was also left with serious pain, disability, and reduced quality of life. To recoup these harms and losses, she brought a personal injury claim against the other driver and owner of the construction zone. The defendants gave her $895,000 combined for her damages, both economic and non-economic.

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