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Laser Hair Removal Complications Continue to Accrue

Complications from Laser Hair RemovalBotox, tummy tucks and laser hair removal are becoming some of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments. At one point in time, only wealthy members of society could afford the occasional Botox treatment or laser skin treatment. Today, these types of cosmetic services have become commonplace in American society. Medical and cosmetic boards continue to grapple with licensing issues and have not yet determined whether a doctor must perform these procedures. Spas, physical therapy centers, salons and independent contractors continue to deliver laser skin services with little oversight and regulation by government authorities.

The Increased Risk of Skin Damage

Laser cosmetic services are now more popular than ever for individuals who want to avoid the invasiveness of facelifts and facial surgeries. Often, individuals fail to consider all of the risks that are associated with laser cosmetic services. Non-doctors may not be aware of the power of lasers and the damage that they can cause to skin. They may not inform consumers of these risks. Dr. Jalian is a lead dermatology researcher at the University of California-Los Angeles, and he has found that laser procedures can cause significant harm if they are not administered in the proper fashion. Consumers may suffer from serious skin burns and cell damage as a result of intense laser lights. Consumers should also be aware that they may experience a hot feeling on their skin after receiving laser services.

Consumers May Receive Scars After Laser Services

Laser skin resurfacing has also been linked to an increased risk of scarring. While consumers may initially make appointments for laser services in order to remove scars, these services may have the opposite effect. Laser surgery can cause serious skin color changes. Dark skin may become spotted after receiving laser surgery. Light skin can also become spotted and may also become darker in appearance after a laser operation.

Consumers are often not aware of the risks of laser surgery before they receive these services. Groupon offers and other online coupons that offer attractive deals for laser services may lure consumers. Consumers may feel rushed to book an appointment and not have adequate time to consult with an independent contractor or other specialist. Medical researchers are increasingly warning consumers of the risks of receiving laser surgery without adequate time for an initial consultation.

The initial consultation is a valuable time in which consumers can learn about the risks associated with laser surgery. Specialists typically review the benefits associated with laser surgery and fail to address the risks. Some of the potential risks of laser surgery are:

  • Spotted skin
  • Permanent scarring
  • Skin discoloration
  • Constant pain
  • Increased risk of infection
  • Cold sores
  • Inflammation of herpes
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Initial problem does not disappear

After a laser surgery, consumers may be disappointed to find that an initial problem does not go away. Perhaps a client has skin damage due to sun exposure and wants to improve the color of his or her skin. A skin specialist may promise the consumer that laser surgery will decrease spotting due to sun exposure. Consumers may be disappointed if they find that their skin actually looks worse after a laser surgery. Sun spots can become darker and more pronounced after laser surgery.

A patient may also require extended recovery time after a laser surgery that goes wrong. The patient may be unable to focus on work due to a tingling or burning sensation on his or her skin. Individuals may also feel self-conscious due to an altered skin appearance or redness due to a laser operation gone wrong.

The Need for Qualified Professionals in the Laser Cosmetic Services Industry

As laser operations continue to pose increased risks for consumers, it is likely that litigation will follow. As consumers discover that individuals lack the required licensing for laser operations, they may feel inclined to file a lawsuit.

Before a consumer receives laser surgery, he or she should fully research the background of the professional. The consumer may want to make sure that a medical professional is supervising the procedure. He or she may also want to visit a licensed dermatologist to minimize the risks associated with laser surgery.

Contact an Injury Attorney for Help Today

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