Large Pizza Chain Settles Claim After Child Cuts Mouth On Shard Of Glass Embedded On Pizza

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC recently settled a personal injury case case involving a child who sustained deep laceration to the roof of her mouth that resulted from a piece of glass that was on her pizza.

Child Cuts Mouth On Shard Of Glass Embedded On PizzaThe scary ordeal occurred at a well known when the girl and her family went out for dinner at a well-known pizza chain.  After taking her first bite of pizza, our client  received severe lacerations to the roof of her mouth.  After spitting out the pizza, her parents were shocked to see a large chard of clear glass.

An emergency room physician used stitches to close the wound and stop the bleed caused from the laceration and an oral surgeon  removed the stitches several weeks later.

While not necessarily an instinctive reaction, the girls parents remembered to save the pizza— and the shard of glass— which proved important during settlement discussions with the insurance carrier.

The proceeds from this child injury settlement will be held in an interest bearing account for the child’s benefit until she reaches the age of majority at which time she will have full access to the settlement proceeds.