Ladder Falls Accidents More Common Than Ever On Construction Sites

Falls from a Ladder are Common Injuries at Construction SitesIncidences of ladder fall accidents

Among many other workplace accidents that one hears on a daily basis, ladder fall accidents have become very common. According to research, 55.8% of these take place in the construction industry where ladders are used as a common tool. Other incidents of ladder fall accidents are more common in the Warehousing, Service, Trade and Transportation sectors.

Because of this high percentage, these accidents have come under notice of law firms and human right agencies that believe ladder fall accidents are to be classified under the wrongful death law. This attention has resulted in a lot of research that yields a number of causes for ladder fall accidents.

According to observers, ladder fall accidents are a result of either of the following:

  • Faulty ladders with broken rungs.
  • Lack of training of construction personnel on how to use ladders.
  • Violation of ladder safety rules.
  • Poor condition of the supporting surface of the ladder.
  • Improper use of ladders even when they are not needed on site.
  • Lack of strict supervision by on-site managers.

Precautions to avoid ladder fall accidents

With ladder fall accidents on an all time high this July, the number of deaths from falls from considerable heights soared to 60%. These astounding figures call for some serious precautions to be put in place because ladder falls result in fatal injuries including brain damage and spinal dysfunction that can leave workers crippled for the rest of their lives.

Some immediate precautions to consider are:

  • Assessing job descriptions and situations in which ladders are required. This is necessary so that ladder usage and presence is restricted in places where it is not required and is needlessly laying around, thereby causing injuries.
  • If the job definitely requires using a ladder, it should be used under strict supervision and control. For instance, placing the ladder on a firm surface and tying it from the top rung or making a worker hold it from the sides should be made mandatory.
  • Using extendable ladders to avoid leaning over and stretching to reach beyond one’s height.
  • Ladders with broken rungs or faulty joints should be put off the site.
  • Urging workers to follow safety protocols like wearing hard hats and avoiding crossing areas where heavy construction is underway.

In the aftermath of a ladder fall accident

If you or a loved one has suffered a ladder fall because of another’s negligence, you will be liable for compensation. Always remember, ladder fall accidents can be categorized under personal injury claims and wrongful deaths. Therefore, while you suffer serious injuries and pay hefty medical bills, knowing that your personal injury lawyer is fighting for you provides some peace of mind and a cushion against future worries.

Moreover, a personal injury lawyer provides useful advice, something that is a must in times when you feel you need maximum support to get back on your feet. To help you do so, your attorney will not only demand compensation for your medical bills but also for future wages that are lost because of your injury.