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October 25, 2021

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If you have ever suffered personal injury or injuries, property damage (to a vehicle especially), or other loss from an accident, collision, car accident, or other related event, then you may have thought to file a claim after an accident through car insurance, auto insurance policy, or similar claims process of insurance.

Filing a claim might be easier than you think and should be done as soon as possible to ensure the at fault party or driver involved reimburses you for the mentioned property damage, personal injury, personal injuries, etc.

Our law firm, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers, works with people after an auto accident or other accident at the scene of the accident and long after.

We manage the insurance claims process (including filing a claim, getting a police report, talking to the car insurance company representative, etc.) so you do not have to worry about it. This might make up for the harm and costs, like repair shop expenses, that the accident caused.

Call us and leave your contact information to learn about the comprehensive compensation that a settlement through another driver or car insurance claim through an insurance company might be possible after accidents. That report and the following sections deal with this topic in more detail.

Personal Injury Insurance Claim

Many people injured in accidents are confused about how and why they should file an insurance claim.

How to File an Insurance Claim

Many clients wonder how they can file a claim with a car insurance company or auto insurance business after a car accident or similar event. Even those already in the process of filing a claim or multiple insurance claims have questions.

It is natural to get frustrated with another driver and the insurance policy report process because that is how it is designed. They want you to get mad and give up.

However, it will behoove you you finish the auto insurance claim or car insurance claim after you started so that you can recoup money for your property damage and other injuries. Normally you can start it right over the phone or online.

You should start right away after you leave the collision and check their filing coverage options for the vehicle. A particular insurance company might want you to report claims (or just a claim) within a certain number of days after the car accident even if you were not at fault for the vehicle damage or collision itself.

This is why having experienced counsel is critical. They can immediately file a claim after a car accident with the insurance company and give them the contact information and other important facts, for example: vehicle details, police report, nature of the collision and subsequent injuries, existing coverage, medical expenses, your phone number, personal property damage, nature of repairs or repair needed, state where it happened, policy limit of the injured, filing cost, identification of parties, etc. This also helps if you file a lawsuit after accidents.

Why You Should File a Claim with an Insurance Company after an Accident

People should not file a claim with an insurance company, like car insurance, after an accident, only and unless they have damages related to the accident that will be covered. It is a waste of time otherwise.

What kinds of things will incur liability and get you compensation under a policy limit? Normally, one large area is comprehensive property damage including repairs, repair, etc.

The adjuster may go to the scene or repair shop to verify the cost of the damage you are trying to cover or pay for. The adjuster involved could also do their reporting by making a call or attempting to contact the police car shop following the accident. This is why getting a police report is key.

If you file a claim with an insurance company, you may also seek reimbursement and file claims under the law against the other vehicle driver for your medical bills. Even long-term medical bills and injuries cover the policy and may come in under a lawsuit depending upon the state (i.e. at fault state of New York coverage,.

What Could You Get if You File a Claim or Case?

If you file a claim with a car insurance company after a car accident because another vehicle driver, then it is important to compare what compensation you may get to what is covered in a lawsuit.

They are the two main legal routes parties take in each state to get pay for the damage involved so we will take each in turn.

If you file a written car insurance claim after an accident against the car vehicle driver for their insurer coverage and damage liability, then you could get what we described above (pay for your damage, injuries, and other liability directly from the accident) unless you wait to call or file too long.

Each state has its own rules for reporting and who to contact, including the other at fault driver, police, insurer or coverage claims offices, etc.

If you file a case, then you get much of what you could get if brought a claim through a car insurance or other insurance company after a car accident or other accident, but you might also get more.

Cases allow you to go after more than merely coverage claims against the at fault person. They may also have to pay punitive damages, wrongful death damages, intangible harm damages.

Search the laws in your state to see what may be available to your for your insurance claims or cases.

These compensate example schemes only cover some options and do exhaustively review all of your opportunities.

How an Attorney Can Help You File a Car Insurance or other Insurance Claim

An attorney can initially help search who was at fault and what insurance carrier you should make a claim through but it does not end there. Legal services should be with you from start to finish in your claim.

They can expedite the investigation, claim process, communications with the at fault party, organization of records and expenses, and many more things. Plus, many firms do it on their dime. They contingency which lets them pay for claim expenses until they eventually recoup money from the at fault driver or their insurance claim carrier.

Talk to our firm today to see how fast we could start an insurance claim on your behalf.

How is an Insurance Claim different than a Case?

There are a couple of key differences between an insurance claims process and court of law which we will review briefly.

  • The kind and extent of damages available
  • The method of filing and resolution
  • The process for appeals
  • The costs and timeline

Search the fault state laws and apply them to your case to determine which option will be best for you.

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