How Do You Qualify for a Zantac Lawsuit?

Find Out if You Can Bring a Zantac Lawsuit or Join a Ranitidine Class Action Lawsuit

In April 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned that the popular heartburn medication, Zantac (ranitidine), should not be taken because of high levels of NDMA (N Nitrosodimethylamine NDMA) in Zantac medication. Ranitidine tablets are primarily taken for acid reflux, GERD, heartburn and other problems.

Now, people who bought it off retail shelves are concerned it could could cause cancer (including a cancer diagnosis of stomach cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, brain cancer, or other side effects) due to high NDMA levels in the over the counter Zantac and its generic ranitidine alternative.

If you or a loved one took ranitidine tablets and are worried that it could cause cancer because of the NDMA in Zantac, remember that you could bring a case for the types of cancers it gave you. Prescription drug companies are responsible if their customers developed cancer after taking their medication because they failed to warn about that possible harm or related side effects related to N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in the Zantac heartburn medication.

Factors to Qualify for Zantac / Ranitidine Lawsuit

People Who Have Taken Zantac and / or Ranitidine and Developed Cancer May Qualify to Join a Lawsuit Against Manufacturers

Our Experts Can Help You with an NDMA Zantac Lawsuit

We understand that you may have questions about ranitidine tablets medication, cancer, the Food and Drug Administration FDA recall, and possible Zantac lawsuit. The lawyers of our law firm have studied Zantac and NDMA very closely and are able to discuss a lawsuit with you or a loved one in a free case evaluation.

People think the things (like a drug) they buy on the retail shelves are safe and won’t give them cancer or human carcinogen. Unfortunately, per the Food and Drug Administration FDA, Zantac ranitidine might give you or a loved one cancer or a human carcinogen.

Find out what compensation may be available to make up for this in a case evaluation today. Our attorneys and legal experts file cases and answer questions for people who took Zantac in an attorney client relationship in a case review after a simple ranitidine investigation. The following sections review various issues related to a Zantac cancer lawsuit in more detail.

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Why People are Filing Claims for Zantac

You may have questions regarding the drug ranitidine and if you or a loved one may get different types of cancers after taking Zantac. This is especially the case after the U.S. Drug Administration FDA put out its warning and if you talked to your doctor or did a pharmacy investigation.

Let us do a simple case review to talk about who has a case and who does not. This will help you talk to law firms and pharmacy experts about compensation.

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Plaintiffs, like you or a loved one, may bring a Zantac lawsuit if you meet certain criteria.

  • You must have purchased Zantac from a pharmacy or other drug store.
  • You must have relied on faulty warnings that did not specify that NDMA or other component parts within Zantac may lead to health problems like cancer for you or a loved one after taking Zantac.
  • You must have suffered personal injury or other damage because you took Zantac.
  • Lots of people will meet these criteria and bring a Zantac lawsuit because it was such a popular heartburn drug.

Plus, reputable medical authorities have already established that taking Zantac can lead to injuries.

So this establishes why people have claims against the manufacturers of Zantac after getting it at a pharmacy or other local store. Now, let us review what kind of action you can file in Illinois.

how do you qualify for a zantac lawsuit

The Type of Zantac Lawsuit You Can File

There are really only two ways for you to bring action for the harm that Zantac ranitidine caused you or a loved one including cancer

First, you can join one of the class actions that have already been initiated in various states. Second, you bring your own lawsuit if you believe you suffered unique harm or damage.

In the second instance, your lawsuit will most likely be diverted to the Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) that has already begun in Florida. This will take care of a lot of pre-trial issues of law so that your trial can get done to the individual facts and circumstances of your case.

Now that we have reviewed the qualifications and form of the ranitidine cancer case, let us analyze what compensation and relief is possible.

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What You Can Obtain in a Zantac Lawsuit

When we sit down with people, the first thing they ask us is how much they can get in a case. This is a complicated answer that cannot be boiled down to case headlines or legal trends. To figure out what award or settlement may be possible for you, you need to work with your lawyers and analyze how exactly you were harmed or damaged from the events.

Normally, this can mean a few things. We try and group economic losses like medical bills, prescription costs, and other out of pocket items. We also try and list non economic harm like pain, suffering, lost quality of life, or shortened life.

However, the makeup of your Zantac injuries and circumstances could be completely unique. It is extremely important to look narrowly and your facts to estimate the potential case value.

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Getting Help for Your Zantac Lawsuit

If you are considering a case for NDMA exposure after consuming ranitidine tablets, a lawyer can seriously aide your efforts. A law firm may take a lot of the work and pressure off your shoulders so that you can focus on your recovery.

In addition, here are a few key things they can perform in order to expedite your claim:

  • Investigate the factual circumstances of how you took the NDMA in Zantac.
  • Review your medical records for personal injuries.
  • Draft and file a claim for damages.
  • Argue in court or negotiate a settlement to end the dispute.
  • Discuss a Zantac Lawsuit with One of Our Attorneys

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC has spoken with many people concerned about the ill effects they could suffer from common heartburn medications like Zantac and its generic ranitidine they get from a pharmacy. They did not know cancer was on table for themselves or their loved one.

What you might not know either is that relief may be on the table as well. The drug manufacturers who harmed you are responsible for your harms and losses. Our law firm can help you get relief and money for your damages. Contact us for a free consultation to see what may be in store for you and your family.

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