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To Err Is Human. Unfortunately, Some Top Rated Medical Facilities Make More Than Their Share Of Serious Patient Mixups

Errors made in medical facilitiesWhen it comes to choosing a medical facility such as a hospital or a clinic, you would want to choose the one that is best for your particular medical condition and a facility that has an impressive safety record. Knowing this, many medical institutions have gone to great lengths to create an impression that they are a leader in patient care. Unfortunately for many patients who have learned first hand that behind the shiny plaques and awards there are medical facilities that are run by ordinary humans– who are still capable of making mistakes.

The Top Children’s Hospital

You can find different types of hospitals ranked by U.S. News on an annual basis. You would be amazed to know that even the top ranked children hospitals in the country have some grave mistakes in all aspect of the care that they provide to patients and the way that they handle medical records.

One of the leading children’s hospitals ranked among the leading 3 hospitals in 8 fields. Unfortunately, despite their impressive ratings, they recent made news headlines for less impressive reasons. The reported incident derived from a situation when a  couple was awarded $15 million after their son died here during the treatment of certain neurological condition. It is worth noting that an ex-physician in chief was among the doctors who worked on the condition of the child. There was another historical lawsuit that was field by 40 past patients against a doctor at this medical facility for sexual abuse with children. Eventually, this doctor committed suited after the filing of this lawsuit.

World Famous Academic Hospital

There are very few hospitals, which are known globally by their name. John Hopkins Medicine is one such academic hospital that specializes in teaching, research and patient care. It was established toward the end of the 19th century and in just a few years, it had its own school of medicine. The U.S. News & World Report has ranked it as the numero uno hospital successively for 21 years. However, this beacon of the medical world has been associated with mistakes.

In 2012, parents of a boy who is currently suffering from cerebral palsy received a $55 million verdict from a jury. John Hopkins Hospital was found by the jury to be guilty of malpractice as they waited for over 2 hours to carry out the emergency c-section on the pregnant patient. It is considered that this delay lead to the brain injury in the child. Today, the boy is more than 2 years old and suffers from brain injuries that have restricted his functioning to the stage of a newborn.

In another case, the hospital admitted an error that lead to the death of a 2-year girl. Brianna Cohen as administered potassium at a toxic amount in her IV solution. There was a settlement of an unrevealed amount with her parents and they brought major changes in the way their IV formulations were made.

Avoid Trusting your Hospital for Medical Errors

Even though, the most reputed hospitals seem to make number of errors as compared to the other hospitals with lower ranks. However, this does not reduce the gravity of the situation and the realization that they can make such an error with just anyone. You must understand that everyone, even those with the highest medical degrees make mistakes.