Drunk Driving Car Accident Nightmares: When A Millionaire Is Not A Millionaire

After months or years of struggling to regain their health and pay off their bills, victims of DUI car accidents often look for relief from a large settlement. But these big judgments are not always what they seem.When a family is affected by a horrible car accident that was not their fault, the repercussions can last a lifetime — both with regard to health and finances.

A terrible Christmas tale

When A Millionaire Is Not A Millionaire

Four years ago, on Christmas Eve, the Valdez family was on their way to the hospital to visit their wife and mother, who had experienced a stroke. On their way, a drunk driver crashed head-on into the vehicle leaving Francisco Valdez Sr. and his four children in the hospital.

Lawsuit against intoxicated motorist

Francisco was hospitalized and due to his injuries was unable to return to work. Faced with mounting medical bills and a lifetime of disability ahead of him, the Valdez family sued the drunk driver for negligence. The family was awarded $2.7 million, of which they will probably never see a penny.

After Francisco was injured, he was unable to return to work. His insurance expired. His wife, who had the stroke, was not offered her prior job back, and even though they had some disability payments through Medicaid, they did not have the funds to keep their home. Due to the accident, they were facing foreclosure and a lifetime of debt.

A win only on paper

There are many cases where people are awarded large payouts, but there is nobody to actually deliver the money. The family is stuck in a perpetual mess of disability and bad finances, despite supposedly being millionaires on paper.

It’s this sort of unfair situation that should cause people to ask themselves where the safety net is for those who are victimized by other peoples’ poor decisions.