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Driving Simulator Helps Trucks Prevent Winter Crashes

Preventing Winter Crashes with Winter Like ConditionsTruck drivers are receiving a crash course on winter driving through the use of a state of the art simulator that mimics actual road conditions in inclement weather and allows drivers to learn how their vehicles will respond under varied situations. The Chicago trucking accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have found that commercial truck drivers often overestimate their abilities during cold weather and believe that this tool can help make the roads much safer if all drivers were required to participate in cold weather simulations. Since commercial trucks are capable of catastrophic levels of devastation, the prevention of accidents is instrumental in reducing the number of truck related fatalities.

The Michigan Center for Truck Safety Leads the Way with Innovative Training Technology

For nearly eight years, drivers and truck companies have been able to use driving simulations offered by the Michigan Center for Truck Safety to educate and test drivers using multiple scenarios and challenges. The purpose is to show drivers the exact response of a large semi-tractor and its trailer under specific conditions so that they can make real life adjustments to their habits that will save lives. This is an invaluable tool when training new drivers because they are able to make errors or miscalculations without causing any harm to others on the road.

Older drivers are coming away from simulations with different perspectives as well, as the simulations challenge their own habits and assumptions by showing how excessive speeds during cold weather or oversteer and understeer can affect the truck and its trailer. Speeding, following too closely and overconfidence are the cause of many accidents across the nation each year, and the simulator is showing drivers just how important it is to slow down and drive appropriately for conditions.

The Lessons are the same for the Rest of Us

Our Chicago truck injury lawyers recognize that the motorists who share the roads with trucks are just as responsible for keeping the roads safe and may not always respect the limitations that commercial truck drivers face. These simulations show the impact of cutting in front of a truck without giving it enough space to react and the catastrophe that can result when following a truck too closely. For example, it is a good idea to advance at least two truck lengths ahead of a semi before moving in front of it, as this will allow the driver enough space to slow down in the event you have the sudden need to stop.

If you are driving in cold weather, be aware of how the cold may impact the ability of trucks to stop or make sudden maneuvers. Ice and snow greatly reduces a truck’s stopping distance and can cause a jackknife if the truck driver is forced to turn too quickly. Giving truck drivers enough space is an excellent practice regardless of whether it is cold, wet, dry or warm out and can prevent needless accidents.

Defending the Rights of Truck Accident Victims

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