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When looking for a job, you have two options; work for a private company or get a job with the city government. If you choose the latter, you will have access to several opportunities that only come with working for the local government.

If you’re looking for a place to start your career, the City of Chicago has many opportunities available. The City’s website lists jobs in a variety of fields and types of work environments.

According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, the benefits and income offered in local government jobs are 4% less than you can get in the private sector.

However, don’t let this deter you from getting a job with the city government. The City of Chicago is looking for people to join their team.

The City offers competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and an environment that supports personal growth for employees who have ambition and drive. Below, we discuss employment opportunities with the City of Chicago and the requirements for the application process.

What Type of Jobs Are Likely Available in Chicago?

The City of Chicago has a wide range of city employment opportunities, ranging from simple to technical. Thus, people with all backgrounds can search for jobs and benefit from the listings. In addition, the government’s website keeps you updated with any new jobs.

You can read recent news related to employment opportunities in the City of Chicago. You can also find supporting information on the website, such as accommodation request forms, classification and compensation, settlements, and attorney vacancies.

Bid Job Opportunities

The City of Chicago offers bid job opportunities for workers represented by certain unions. Each job posting will specify which union the applicant must be from for their application to be accepted.

Searching for a job is a straightforward process posted by employers from different departments. Once potential employees are on the bid job opportunities page, they can search jobs using a keyword or job number.

Alternatively, potential employees can select the job field in job ads presented by the City’s human resources department.

Some fields include:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Aviation
  • Clerical and office administration
  • Construction maintenance and skilled labor
  • Elected officials and staff
  • Facilities
  • Health and human services
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Library
  • Legal and regulatory
  • Operational engineering
  • Planning and urban development
  • Procurement
  • Public relations and creative arts
  • Public safety
  • Senior executives
  • Technical engineering

Once you have chosen the field, you can select the exact position you are looking to get. For example, if you choose accounting and finance, your options will be:

  • Assessing and taxation
  • Audit
  • Budget
  • Cashiering
  • Payroll
  • Paraprofessional accounting
  • Professional accounting and finance
  • Receivables, payments, and collections

Internship and Volunteer Programs

If you want to volunteer for the City of Chicago or are a student, you can opt for one of the many volunteer and internship programs offered by the local government.

In addition, the City has developed a Student Intern Pool, allowing students to get municipal government experience.

Students can put this experience in the resume in their profiles. The City also keeps a record of these students, and they are considered for available positions in the future.

Reasonable Accommodation Request at the City of Chicago

The City of Chicago offers accommodation for qualifying individuals with disabilities during the hiring process and on the job. Any volunteer, applicant, or employee can submit an accommodation request.

The request for reasonable accommodation must be submitted to the Disability Office or Disability Liaison of their relevant department.

Application Process Information

To avail accommodation due to disability, the applicant must inform the department of the nature of the disability and how it affects them when they are at work. Additionally, you must specify the kind of accommodation you need and how it will facilitate your performance at your job position.

If your disability is not evident, you will have to get a document from your doctor or healthcare provider as proof. Although you can submit a written document, it should have the requested information on the Request of Accommodation and Medical Questionnaire forms.

You can avail of these forms from the Disability Office of your department or the online portal. Once you have completed the form, you can return it to the department directly.


The City of Chicago takes great care to ensure the confidentiality of the applicants. However, the information inputted in the forms may be shared with the authorities evaluating your request and your supervisors should you already work for the City.

Any other information about your accommodation request, health, or disability will not be shared with anyone not part of the selection or approval process.

Preparing for City of Chicago Employment Tests

Depending on the nature of your job application, you may have to participate in employment tests to work for the City of Chicago.

To participate in the tests, follow these preparation steps:

Step 1: Register

Create your profile on the website by providing your personal information. Once you have created a profile, search for city job opportunities in the niche of your choice. Then, click on the job you want to apply for, follow the on-screen directions, and send your application.

The city posts job ads by job number using a combination of work relevance and employer bids. The search results will display the job posting, open and closing date, hourly salary, and other information.

Step 2: Set Up Your Online Candidate Profile

Your online candidate profile is very important when submitting job applications to the City. You will see all the information on the form about the jobs you have applied to previously. If you need to resubmit an application, you can do that here too.

In some cases, you may be required to send certain documents, like certifications, transcripts, and resumes, to the City of Chicago Department of Human Resources. Some jobs may require you to scan these documents. In addition, active duty service members who apply online can provide information on a careers site.

Step 3: Search for City Job Opportunities

After you have completed your profile, you can search for the city job opportunities in your relevant niche. Every listing will have the following information:

  • Minimum qualifications
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Required documents

You can apply for multiple equal employment opportunity jobs from your online candidate profile or careers site. If the job requires you to scan important documents, upload them through your profile. Otherwise, you will have to mail them directly to the Department of Human Resources.

Note that the City of Chicago is a military-friendly employer that helps with required documentation with the application online. In addition, you can request a reasonable accommodation due to disability or pregnancy during the application process.

Step 4: Submit Applications

Finally, once you have found the job you intend to apply for and have checked the requirements, you can submit your application.

The application process will require you to fill a questionnaire. The form will determine if you are eligible to apply for the job. Some jobs will also ask for you to submit additional documents.

Make sure you read all the requirements and responsibilities properly before submitting a job application. To complete the application process, you can contact the City of Chicago Human Resources Department.

The City of Chicago Department of Human Resources provides a careers bid site. The site is available to Union-represented city employees with rights to bid on jobs according to their CBA (collective bargaining agreement).

Job Application Process Information

Before you apply for a job working for the City of Chicago, you need to make sure that you fulfill the requirements. Here are some rules and regulations to keep in mind:

Proof of Eligibility

First and foremost, you must provide proof that you are eligible to work in the United States. Some things that prove this include:

  • Voter registration card
  • U.S. social security card
  • Alien registration card with a photograph
  • U.S. passport
  • U.S. citizenship certificate
  • Certificate of naturalization

Falsification of Information

If you falsify or omit any information when applying for a job, you will be disqualified from the selection process. In addition, if the City finds out about this after your employment, they can terminate your contract. You may also have to pay a fine of $500 or serve six months in prison.

Political Sponsorship

You cannot put any information or reference about political recommendation or sponsorship on your form. Therefore, when you submit your form and supporting documentation to the City, make sure to omit this information.

City Debt

If you owe the City any debt, you cannot be employed unless you have paid what is owed or:

  • You have entered an agreement with the relevant city department, like the Department of Finance, to pay your debts per the agreement. You can find the information for Hardship Payment Plans and other types of plans here.
  • You have filed for bankruptcy, and that has dissolved the debts you owe to the City.
  • You are contesting liability for the debt amount in a judicial proceeding or administrative hearing.

Human Resources Examinations

The Department of Human Resources can modify the test schedules or examinations as they fit. They may also impose more standards or additional tests if they believe appropriate for the position in question.

For example, if the department hires someone for a civil engineering occupation, they may require them to take an exam provided by the Department of Administrative Hearings. Once you have passed these tests and examinations, you will be entered into further rounds for job consideration.

Information for Veterans

The City of Chicago may give Veteran’s Preference to veterans who:

  • Have served in the U.S armed forces for six months continuously
  • Were not discharged dishonorably
  • Get a passing score on the employment tests

You must provide proof that you are a veteran when you submit your application. You can do this by giving the City of Chicago documentation to support your claim, like:

  • A copy of your DD214 form, also known as the Report of Separation, shows the dates of service and any awards earned: If you cannot provide this, you can submit a letter from the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs to prove your claim.
  • Military service records from your branch showing dates of service and days spent out on leave. If you have been discharged from the military but do not have a DD214 form, you must obtain a copy from the National Personnel Records Center.
  • If you served during wartime, a document from your branch of service that shows dates of duty and military training

Do You Have to be a Citizen to Work for the City of Chicago?

Yes, you must be a citizen to work in the City of Chicago. In addition, you must provide proof of residency when you apply for the job. So, if you do not have resident status or are a natural-born citizen, you might want to look for a private-sector job.

City Hall Sights and Sounds

You do not need to go inside City Hall at 100 West Randolph Street to work for the city. You only need to visit the office, or offices, where you want to apply.

You can find all of these locations on this website. However, since some job openings are never posted here, you might have more success looking for them on job search engines.

Final Words

To sum up, the City of Chicago offers a comprehensive range of job and internship opportunities for its residents. Depending on your qualifications, field, or interest, you can watch the upcoming jobs on the City’s website and apply through your online profile.

More importantly, make sure you comply with the City’s guidelines and regulations to score a job with the local government. For more information, check the latest news sections on the City of Chicago’s website.

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