Illinois Laws That Protect Children in Day Care Facilities

Safety in DaycareFor many families, finding a day care facility to trust with the care of a child while parents are at work is an important decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Local day care providers offer a variety of services in a home, or at a center.

Violation of that trust leaving the child emotionally or physically injured can cause a lifetime of grief. Because of that, state legislators work to enact laws to set the licensing and operating standards to run day care centers and group homes.

In the state, the DCFS (Illinois Department of Children and Family Services) maintains the responsibility for setting licensing and operation standards at day care facilities. Hundreds of thousands of young children require the services of day care facilities in nearly every community, year-round. The state strives hard to set laws to protect these young children, and ensure their time away from home is spent in a safe environment.

Day Care Facility Problems

Even with strict guidelines, rules and regulations, problems at day care facilities arise. There are unfortunate cases of neglect and abuse in childcare centers and schools in across the nation. Even worse, many of these abuse and neglect cases go unreported because the child is either too young to fully articulate the problem, or too afraid to talk about the event.

Neglect, sexual abuse, physical abuse and emotional scarring are very real dangers anytime a child spends time in the care of others. Because of that, it is essential to understand the warning signs of childcare/day care abuse and