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Chicago Dog Bite Injury Lawyers: Medical / Legal Information For Victims of Dog Attacks

Dogs bites remain one of the most prevalant types of personal injury case that our office handles.  Frequently, our law office is retained by the family of a child bitten by a dog on their face or hands who may have some residual scarring from the attack.

While the use of plastic surgery procedures for revision of dog bite scars has increased over the past several years, the reality is that most dog bite victims are indeed ‘scarred for life’ following an attack.

Chicago Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

The development of Chicago Dog Bite Lawyers came about after our attorneys recognized that many dog bite victims and their families remained unaware as to what their rights are under the prevailing laws in Chicago and under the applicable Illinois Statutes.  As a dog bite attack victim, the owner of the attacking dog is generally responsible for: all medical care (past and future), lost wages, pain and the most substantial portion of damages in most dog bite cases– disfigurement.

Chicago Dog Bite Injury Lawyers addresses the issues faced by frequent categories of dog bite victims, types of injuries as well as offering discussion of prevailing issues relating to dog bites in Chicago and throughout the country.

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