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Chicago Accident Attorneys Include Expanded Web Information About Specific Types of Personal Injury Cases

Chicago Accident AttorneysThe Internet has indeed transformed the way that consumers seek an attorney. Today consumers demand information not just about the attorneys who may have experience handling a particular type of case, but increasingly people involved in accidents have taken the steps necessary to really educate themselves about the medical aspect of their condition and the legal issues associated with them.

As accident attorneys who frequently represent clients with uniquely serious injuries we strive to provide information that does more than tout our services and expertise, but articles about the medical – legal implications that frequently arise in certain types of accidents.

Over the past several months, we have expanded many of our practice pages to provide information to clients so they can make their own decisions regarding what is in their best interest in terms of their case. Of course, many of these decisions about how to proceed from a legal strategy require the consultation with an attorney– and the accident attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC remain more than happy to address personally address these issues– but we think you’ll find the information in these new practice pages helpful in terms of answering many of your initial questions.

Take a look at some of the pages below:

  • Failure to Conduct or Misread Genetic Testing Today there are an abundance of genetic tests available to help reduce the chance of child being born with a genetic disease. These tests are no longer exclusively for ‘high risk’ parents, but many of these tests have become incorporated into the accepted standard of care in the medical community. Failure to do these tests or properly interpret them can subject a physician or clinic to liability.
  • Dialysis Accidents and GranuFlo Injuries Patients who require dialysis services are at an increased risk for falls and complications when staff fail to properly supervise them or follow necessary procedures. In addition, some dialysis patients have been impacted by popular drugs associated with dialysis such as GranuFlo or Naturalyte which have been related to heart attacks.
  • Cherry Picker & Bucket Truck Accidents Categorized as ‘aerial lift trucks, bucket trucks allow construction workers to work at high levels without a dangerous ladder or scaffolding. While they may remain a fixture at some construction sites, these truck had high accident rates when workers fall or injured when the trucks are imbalanced or come into contact with electrical lines.
  • Crane Accidents Put simply, cranes allow buildings to go up quickly and efficiently — with less man hours than similar buildings may have required years ago. Tower cranes and moveable cranes (which are driven to the construction site) are responsible for approximately 50 fatalities and 1000’s of injuries to workers and passersby every year.
  • Trenching Injuries While many construction projects have implemented technology to help improve the work environment for workers, much work needs to be done by hand– just as it was done a century ago. Trenching and excavation is necessary to erect new buildings and lay cable and piping to bring new services to existing structures. Hour-for-hour trenching remains one of the most dangerous construction site activities according to data reported from OSHA relating to accident rates.
  • Scaffold Falls & Collapse Particularly in cities like Chicago, where many buildings and homes have been in use for years, many of these structures require ongoing maintenance and care. Scaffolding allowing workers to perform work such as tuck-pointing or masonry on these buildings while they remain in use. When scaffolding is not assembled properly or the structure is not properly maintained, workers are at serious risk of falls or crushing injuries.
  • Car Passenger Injuries A car or motorcycle passenger has unique rights due to the fact that they are generally exempt from any type of contributory fault. As an injured car passenger, the individual is entitled to make a claim against the driver of the vehicle– regardless of the familial relationship or friendship. Most car passenger injury cases can be resolved directly with an insurance company– and without any out-of-pocket payment on behalf of the driver.

We hope that you find the about personal injury law resources helpful.  Many of these pages were created at the suggestion of our colleagues and clients. Please use our contact form to suggest new topics if you think they would be a good addition to our site.