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Tragedy can strike at any time for family members: car accident; truck accident; work tragedy; etc.

When it does, a family member may receive financial compensation for the funeral expenses, medical bills, grief and financial losses, car wreck damages, deceased’s pain and personal injury, burial expenses, outstanding medical bills and medical expenses, pain and suffering, or loss of financial support (lost earnings) that follow the family member’s death or victim’s death.

Our law firm helps surviving family members understand wrongful death laws and wrongful death claims so that they or the deceased’s estate recover financial compensation after a tragedy like this.

Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Who Can FileWrongful death lawsuits are filed by one or more plaintiffs against one or more parties who have caused another’s death through intentional harm or negligence. Wrongful death lawsuits allow the deceased individual’s estate to file a claim for compensation against every individual or entity legally liable for their demise. Most suits are filed by an estate representative on behalf of all surviving family members or any other party directly affected by the death.

Applicable Wrongful Death Claims

Most claims for wrongful death are applicable when the victim would otherwise have the legal right to file a personal injury claim had they survived the intentional harmful act or negligence caused by the defendant or defendants. Eligibility for a wrongful death lawsuit usually requires the involvement of certain situations that could include:

Lawsuit Filed Against Bus Operator With Poor Safety RecordHiring an experienced bus accident attorney is the last thing a bus company wants the families to do when a loved one has died in a fatal crash while riding one of their buses. In fact, bus companies will do whatever is necessary to convince family members of deceased victims to accept a quick settlement.

However, this effort by the bus company is usually a “low ball” offer, and not the true value of the case, based on the injuries and damages involved. The bus company recognizes that if the victim hires an attorney and takes the case to trial it could cost them substantially more. However, victims suffering injuries or have died because of the negligent actions of the bus company and/or the driver are entitled to receive fair compensation for their injuries, pain, suffering and damages (view our bus accident page here). The families of deceased victims are entitled to recompense for their loss.

Every year, bus accident victims or their families hire attorneys to achieve a larger verdict or a higher amount through an out-of-court settlement. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have represented bus accident clients. These reputable attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the devastating financial and physical consequences that a bus accident caused their clients and family.

Genevieve-KlimczakRosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of the family of Genevieve Klimczak, an elderly woman who died due to hypothermia after she eloped from a retirement center in Illinois.  On February 12, 2012 employees of McHenry Villa Retirement Center discovered Ms. Klimczak’s frozen body adjacent to a side door at the facility which locked behind Ms. Klimczak as she wandered from the facility the evening prior.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against the Retirement Facility and Care Agency

The wrongful death and survival lawsuit names Fox River Retirement Center, Inc., d/b/a McHenry Villa and Robert & Joyce Koch d/b/a Home Instead as defendants in the case and parties whom negligence resulted in Ms. Klimczak’s untimely death.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Making Home VisitsSeveral months ago, I was contacted by the eldest of six adult children who was concerned and angered about the circumstances involving his mother’s death following complications related to a fall that occurred at the facility.

Apparently his 88-year-old mother was admitted to the facility for rehabilitation following a stroke, which left one side of her body motionless.  According to the son, the staff at the facility inappropriately allowed the woman to sit unsupervised on the toilet as two staff members waited outside of the bathroom (for more information on nursing home falls look here).

Considering the woman’s physical condition, it wasn’t too surprising that within minutes, the elderly woman fell from the commode and struck her arm and head on a nearby sink.  The fall resulted in a badly fractured arm and fracture to her skull with a bleed on her brain. Within weeks of the incident, the woman succumbed to her injuries.