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Safety Violations Involving Grain Bin Accidents on Farms

When a person is seriously injured or killed in a grain bin fall or accident, OSHA Investigates.

Grain silos, or bins, are commonly found on farms throughout the country. In the Midwest, in states like Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Indiana, these large structures dot the landscape.

These are large cylinders that are used for grain storage and to hold other crops. These are found on both commercial farms and family farms.

Tractor Injuries on Agricultural FarmsTractor accidents are the leading cause of farm accidents and deaths on farms. Even when an employee survives the accident, they are left with serious injuries. The most common fatal injuries occur when the tractor rolls over and overturns.

Farm-related injuries can be devastating for both the affected employee and their family members. Even more tragically, tractor injuries tend to disproportionately affect younger workers.

Agricultural Workers Fatality Statistics

Forlikft Truck Accident InjuriesForklift accidents are one of the more common possible violations reported to OSHA. This is in part because everyone working in the vicinity of the forklift may be in danger. In fact, the lesson that we learn from reviewing Occupational Safety and Health Administration accident investigation reports is of the wide variety of injuries that are suffered in this type of accident.

Both the forklift operator and their co-workers may be in jeopardy when these types of powered industrial trucks are being operated.

Department of Labor Forklift Accident Data

Workers' Comp Claims for Overuse InjuriesIn Illinois, workers’ compensations do not have to involve work accidents. Any type of work injury can result in compensation so long as you can prove that it happened on the job. This could include injuries from repetitive motion that you perform on the job.

Thus, not only can factory workers and construction laborers receive workers’ compensation, when they are injured while working but office workers may be eligible for it too.

The Causes of Repetitive Motion Injuries

Illinois Workers' Compensation Law Applies for Out-of-State WorkersMany people who work in Illinois do not live in the state. Alternatively, some Illinois residents will travel to Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri for work each day.

When these workers are injured, there is some question as to where they can claim workers’ compensation. The good news for them is that they can receive benefits so long as they figure out the right state in which to file.

Workers Compensation Claims Involving an Out-of-State Worker

Amazon Workers and Documents More horrific news concerning Amazon workers has gained national attention in April 2018 since the nonprofit advocacy group National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (NCOSH) added Amazon warehouses to their “dirty dozen” list of America’s most dangerous workplaces. Amazon was given the title after developing a pattern of hazardous work conditions that tend to place efficiency and productivity over safety and employee livelihood. NCOSH spokesperson Marcie Goldstein-Gelb released a statement saying “this year, [we] will identify several companies who received specific warnings about safety hazards and failed to correct them. Workers paid the ultimate price for these failures.”

Unfortunately, their bad workplace practices are nothing new. Almost from the start, they have been known to focus most of their attention on fulfilling hundreds of thousands of orders quickly often at the cost of employee safety, who must do their jobs in unsafe working conditions at Amazon warehouses nationwide. A spokesperson for Amazon has responded by saying “we are proud of [the] safety record and thousands of Amazonians work hard every day innovating ways to make it even better.” The group released to report showing that Amazon had “a disturbing pattern of preventable deaths” were seven employees have died in Amazon warehouses since 2013. The report stated that “Amazon workers suffered injuries and sometimes lose their lives in a work environment with a relentless demand to fill orders and close monitoring of employee actions.”

The seven deaths involved various crashes in accidents. Two employees were crushed to death by warehouse forklifts, and another died after being run over by a truck. A fourth employee died in an accident involving an SUV driver, and another worker died of a fatal heart-associated incident that occurred while working overnight. The sixth employee was crushed to death by a pallet loader, and the seventh employee was crushed by an Amazon conveyor belt.

Extreme Sports or High Risk OccupationsJust how dangerous are sports when compared to some of the most dangerous occupations on the planet? It is a known fact that manual labor, construction and manufacturing jobs place workers at significant risk of injury or death, but sports can be just as deadly. Here we will take a look at the leading jobs and sports in the world in terms of the risks employees and participants take on.

The Most Dangerous Occupations on Earth

Men are far more likely to be killed or injured on the job than women due to the fact that they are far more likely to choose work in areas such as construction, manufacturing or occupations that require the operation of heavy machinery. In 2015 there were over 4,800 workplace fatalities reported in the United States. The vast majority of those killed were men.

Workers On Construction Site
The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) is conducted every year by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Every year, the census reveals the number of work injuries that occur every year, and this provides the public with a general understanding of the current status quo of workplace safety.

In 2012, the CFOI reported that there were a total of 4,383 fatal work injuries recorded. The sad reality is that many fatal work injuries go unreported, either because workers feel that they do not have any rights. If you have been injured in a workplace, then you should get in touch with a worker’s injury lawyer who can help you today.

Increase in the Prevalence of Construction Injuries