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workers' compensationCompanies will hire temporary workers in uncertain economic times. There are definite costs in bringing on a worker on a full-time basis. Companies will need to pay more in worker benefits, so it is more expensive to hiring a permanent worker. In fact, temporary workers may earn approximately 40% less than permanent workers.

Why a Host Company Hires a Temp Worker

Temporary workers can do construction and other heavy work at a job site. They could also do light-duty work in an office. Either way, they are at risk of a workplace injury, even if it means that have contracted COVID-19 on the job. They may even suffer fatal injuries on the job. There are many different ways that a temp worker can suffer a permanent disability or temporary partial disability.

Safety Problems for Employees at Furniture ManufacturersAshley Furniture is being fined $1.76 million for multiple violations of safety regulations— some of which were committed willfully and with full knowledge of the potentially negative consequences. The infractions have resulted in over 1,000 injuries at the company’s plant in Arcadia, Wisconsin over the last three and a half years. Ashley Furniture has responded by calling the fines inappropriate and overzealous but the number of injuries to plant workers over such a short period and the blatant disregard taken toward safety highlights a culture in the company in which the health and wellbeing of workers has taken a back seat to large profits and a small bottom line.

OSHA Investigation Launched Following Numerous Injuries to Workers

The sheer volume of workplace injuries being reported over the last several years incited the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to launch an investigation into the cause of the injuries and to explore whether proper measures were being taken to protect employees from harm. Numerous violations were discovered which included a dozen willful and repeated violations and 14 which were deemed to be a severe hazard to employees. As a result, the company is now required to undergo placement in the Severe Violator Enforcement Program, which will require the plant to be subject to regular inspections and change its policies to meet OSHA standards.

Safety Campaign to Protect Motorists and WorkersPrioritizing the Safety of Workers During Construction Season

As summer approaches, numerous construction projects are already underway throughout Chicago and greater Illinois. Troopers have tried to make sure that drivers are ready to exert cautious driving habits with “National Work Zone Awareness Week.” Troopers carried out educational activities from April 7, 2014 to April 11, 2014 to help drivers become aware of workers who will be assisting various construction projects along Interstate 74 and other roads of Illinois.Some of the troubling work zone accident statistics in Illinois have provoked a greater discussion on how drivers can exert more cautious driving behaviors. These Illinois statistics revealed:

  • 29 people were killed in work zone accidents

Training for Forklift OperatorsForklifts are employed in most industrial and construction work for lifting, stacking and transfer of loads. Forklifts are powered industrial trucks and are known as lift trucks. They are utilized to move objects and boxes in various directions. Forklifts can be operated by the operator while riding in the truck or by controlling it from the outside (these operators are called walking operators).
Although, forklift usage increases the efficiency of the loading/unloading and various other processes, a large number of deaths and fatal injuries are caused by forklifts, even at slow speeds. Hence, the cost of forklift employment in industry amounts to a substantial number in terms of human and financial loss. Forklift accidents can be prevented by taking proper safety measures.

Risks of Using Forklifts To Operators & Others In Area