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Uninsured drivers are a common occurenceDespite the fact that most states require motorists to have insurance on their cars (in fact, this goes for all states except for New Hampshire), there are still many uninsured drivers on the road. In fact, according to a research study from the Insurance Research Council, approximately 1 in 7 drivers are driving without even so much as basic coverage. The research study also suggested that over the last few years, the uninsured motorist rate has increased because of the struggling economy. Many are trying to test the law more to avoid monthly premiums because of tough economic times. However, those who are properly insured may experience serious consequences because of this increase in uninsured and uninsured drivers.

Having to go through court

Getting into an accident with an uninsured driver may be particularly problematic. In fact, if the uninsured driver is at fault and you do not have uninsured motorist coverage, you will have to go through court in order to get compensation for your damages. Even if you go through court, have a lawyer represent you, and win a claim, the uninsured driver may not have the funds to cover your expenses.

Increased Speed LimitsAs Gov. Pat Quinn finds legislation approved by the Illinois House that would raise the non-urban interstate highways speed limit from 65 mph to 70 mph across his desk, it has people divided whether raising the speed limits is a good idea or not. Supporters point to the fact that this change will help the trucking business make deliveries faster and ensure that the Illinois speed limit is consistent with neighboring states. However, detractors believe that increased speeds will make it far more difficult for large truck to come to a complete stop and lead to an increase in fatalities on the road.

What proponents are saying

Downstate Jacksonville Republican Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer said that his friends and family in the Chicago area avoid driving through Illinois when they are traveling south, citing that the main reason behind this choice were the speed limits that cause the trip to take longer. According to Davidsmeyer, this is hurting Illinois businesses, suggesting that it can cost gas revenue and ensures that people are not stopping in Illinois-based businesses to get something to eat or drink.

Insurance coverage for car accidentMany of us have developed a pattern when it comes to handling our annual auto insurance policies…Open….Fold….Place into the back of our glove compartment…Forget.

Very few of us actually read the language of the policy nor do we actually take the time to fully appreciate how the language in the policy could impact us if we were involved in a collision. Yet, when and if the horrible day arrive when either ourselves or a family member is involved in vehicular accident, we may be very reliant on the auto insurance policy in order to provide us with an avenue of recovery for our injuries.

Common disappointments with under insured motorist cases

One of the last things that most people think about when considering auto insurance policies is whether or not they will need to take the insurance company to court over a claim. While consumers often overlook the likelihood of needing to sue their new insurance companies one day, it is the most important information to consider when purchasing a policy. As years practicing law as a Chicago car accident attorney, I know firsthand the role of insurance companies.

It is the mission of insurance companies:

To avoid paying claims unless absolutely necessary and to limit the amount that they payout in each claim, but some insurance companies are more cooperative with their customers than others.