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The Chicago Tribune has reported very serious allegations of sexual misconduct at a Chicago military academy. Here, besides the shocking abuse, the problem is that school officials allegedly knew of the abuse allegations and failed to report them.

The leadership of the school claims that they reported the allegations to central office officials, who did nothing about them. Either way, this is yet another example of school officials prioritizing their own jobs and welfare over student safety.

Sexual Misconduct at The Marine Leadership Academy

The local community has been stunned after learning that alleged sexual abuse occurred at the elite Ojai, CA, private school. Thacher School, California’s oldest boarding school, was founded in 1889 by Sherman Day Thacher, remaining one of the state’s most prestigious private institutions. The all-boys boarding school began accepting girls in 1977.

The lavish 427-acre campus overlooks picturesque Ojai Valley in Ventura County, less than 30 miles east of Santa Barbara. Parents pay more than $64,000 a year for their children to attend the Ojai boarding academy.

Decades of Alleged Sexual Misconduct Involving Students

Allegations of sexual abuse have surfaced involving St. Theresa school and parish in Palatine, Illinois have surfaced. The alleged abuse has been corroborated by several women who were enrolled in the school in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

According to reports from survivors, the abuse was perpetrated by a custodian at the school and was reported to the school’s headmaster who allegedly failed to take any intervention. The school is part of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Schools Legal Responsibility for the Act’s of Staff

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