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Boy Scout Leaders and Abuse A child sex abuse scandal is currently embroiling the long-standing organization, the Boy Scouts of America, that spans several decades and includes nearly 8,000 accused abusers. According to files from the organization going back decades, the Boy Scouts have excluded thousands of volunteers from continuing with the organization because of accusations of sexual abuse. The organization was aware of the abuse during this time, and survivors can now claim reparations for their lasting harm.

The Boy Scout Child Sex Abuse Scandal

According to The New York Times, an expert witness from the University of Virginia, Professor Janet Warren, has revealed the extent of the scope of child sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts organization over the past several decades. During the past five years, Dr. Warren worked on behalf of the Boy Scouts of America to review data that the organization kept known as the “perversion files.” In these documents, the Boy Scouts detailed information about banned volunteers from the group who have committed acts of child sexual abuse against Boy Scouts members for decades.

Sexual Abuse Glencoe SchoolsGlencoe, Illinois – In 2017, two alumni of Glencoe Schools contacted Glencoe District 35 administrators to report individual cases of sexual abuse by a retired schoolteacher. Dave Stroud made an allegation claiming he was sexually abused by now 81-year-old teacher Marvin Martin who denies the accusation.

The teacher has stated that he was not a pedophile and has “no memories of [Stroud] at all.”

The Colorado resident Stroud was living in Glencoe in the early 1970s with his two brothers and parents who allow the male schoolteacher to provide the boys care while they were away on business. Stroud’s mother verified that she had trusted the teacher to stay with the family for a week back then.

Evanston Township Teacher AccusationsA former student of has made claims alleging he was sexually abused more than 20 years ago by a now-retired school teacher. The allegations by 48-year-old Jeff Lieber, a former Evanston Township High School student, were made on social media in September 2017, accusing the former educator of inappropriate sexual abuse. The alleged victim’s actions prompted the school district to contact the Evanston Illinois police force to report the claim.

Lieber now lives in Los Angeles and works as a television writer. He was a student at Evanston Township High School in the mid-1980s when he says his teacher fondled him while he was lying down on a school couch. The former student claims that the teacher “would grab male students, grope male students. I had multiple experiences where he would reach down my pants, and grab my [genitals].” Lieber also stated that “He’d kiss us, grope us and use his position as the gatekeeper to our passion for theater as a weapon.”

The Victim Remained Silent

Court Rules for Boy Scouts A lawsuit brought against the Boy Scouts of America on behalf of 16 former scouts is being allowed to proceed after a ruling made by the Illinois Appellate Court. The 16 boys represented in the lawsuit are all adults currently, but were among over 100 children molested by Thomas Hacker, who was the leader of Boy Scout Troop 1600 at the St. Louis de Montfort Church in Oak Lawn. The Boy Scouts of America and the Chicago Area Council have both been named as defendants in the case for their failure to properly vet the Boy Scout leader before allowing him to supervise minors.

Thomas Hacker Considered one of the Most Notorious Sex Offenders in Scout History

Thomas Hacker is suspected to have abused over 100 boys in the 1980s and most of these molestations are believed to have occurred during his tenure as a Boy Scout Troop leader. He first volunteered for the organization as a merit badge counselor and worked his way up to the position of Scoutmaster. The plaintiffs allege that the organization did not conduct background checks on Hacker prior to placing him in a leadership position and such vetting would have revealed his felony conviction in 1970 for abusing a child in Indiana.

Records Released from the Chicago ArchdioceseAfter decades of accusations against the Archdiocese of Chicago, victims of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of priests in local parishes have a small victory. In January 2014, thousands of personnel records were finally released to the public. These files contain horrific stories of sexual abuse and molestation that plagued young boys and girls in the Catholic Church here in Chicago.

A Long Fight For Chicago Victims

The recent releasing of these records has taken years of fighting to accomplish. Although most of the abuse detailed in these files happened many years earlier, the Archdiocese of Chicago had still fought to keep them under lock and key. Other dioceses across the country had already been legally required to release these records, including landmark cases in Los Angeles and Oregon.

Over the past few decades, more and more large organizations have been accused of allowing child sexual abuse to happen under their watch. From the Roman Catholic Church to the Boy Scouts of America, there are continued allegations that these organizations not only did not protect the children in their midst from sexual abuse, they were aware that is was happening yet did nothing to stop it. When signs and suspicions of abuse are ignored, these organizations are justifiable targeted for lawsuits by the victims and often pay the price.

Roman Catholic Church Cases

One of the most notorious child sex abuse scandals and the heaviest paid damages have come from abuse from priests of the Roman Catholic Church. It is estimated that over $2 billion has been spent in settlements, including a large settlement in Los Angles with an alleged 500 victims and $660 million awarded in damages in 2007. Several dioceses filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy since 2004 to protect themselves from the large settlements being awarded due to the sexual child abuse in their parishes.

Statute of Limitations on Sexual AbuseIn the state of Illinois, the statute of limitations concerning child sexual abuse cases involves the amount of time a lawsuit can be initiated by the injured victim. Recently, an ongoing movement in the state legislature was passed in an effort to extend the amount of time limits for filing charges in cases involving childhood sex abuse. This newly enacted law would allow the victim to obtain justice over a far-reaching amount of time.

The new bill would do away with the current 10-year period where criminal charges could be pursued for a sexual abuse crime, when the victim was a child at the time of the event. In addition, the state currently maintains a statute of limitations of 20 years for filing a sexual abuse case in civil court.

The time limit begins when the victim of the abuse discovers or remembers the childhood sexual abuse event. This extended time is often required because many victims of sexual abuse are not aware of the event, or the perpetrator, until late in life. In some incidences, victims were too young to identify the perpetrator, until seeing a photo or discussing the event with others.

Sexual Abuse Incidents in Nursing HomesWhen it comes to the topic of abuses in nursing homes, the first things that come to your minds are the complications caused by neglect such as dehydration, malnourishment or bedsores. However, the last thing that can come to your mind is anything related to physical attack or even sexual abuse. You would be alarmed by the number of reported incidents of sexual abuse in nursing homes (for more discussion, look here).

Higher Incident Rate But Lower Arrests

In the three years between 2007 and 2010, Chicago had 86 reported sexual abuse incidents. However, the stunning thing is that an arrest was made in only a single incident out of those 86 reported events. Another striking fact is that 9 incidents of sexual abuse took place in Chicago’s nursing homes and none was reported. Additionally, another incident was reported several months after it took place. However, the law requires nursing homes to report sexual assaults immediately.

Crime Investigations At Nursing HomesAllowing a nursing home to conduct its own investigation into crimes that may have happened in their facility seems to be poor judgment on the part of authorities. Most nursing homes are for-profit businesses that are unlikely to expose any wrong doing on their part that may lead to fines, lawsuits or other penalties. However, that has been the case in some circumstances.

Tennessee Nursing Home Rape Investigation

A Maryville, TN nursing home owned by Kindred Healthcare, Inc. was found to be substandard in providing quality care as well as putting their patients in immediate jeopardy in August 2012. The Department of Health determined that the facility should also no longer be allowed to admit new patients until changes are made after a rape investigation on one of the homes residents went poorly.

Day Care and Nursery Neglect and AbuseOften times, out of necessity, many parents of young children require childcare services including day care centers and nannies. Unfortunately, children are often the victims of neglect and abuse in these facilities, at schools, or at home through the actions of the nanny. Many times, neglect or abuse is unknown because the child might be scared to discuss the matter, or too young to communicate effectively.

Lack of supervision, neglect, sexual abuse, and physical abuse are real dangers anytime others care for the child. Children are frequently physically abused or neglected by staff members that might be inadequately screened or trained.

Insufficient screening or improper education can result in hiring reckless or dangerous employees. Other times, there is inadequate supervision over the staff required to protect the child. Consequently, children at the facility can become the victim of emotional and/or physical abuse, sexual assault, or other horrific acts.