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Pressure sores are a significant concern for the elderly, rehabilitating, and disabled in nursing homes, assisted living communities, and hospitals. Without immediate treatment, an early-stage pressure sore could progress to a dangerous decubitus ulcer, claiming the patient’s life in days.

Untreated skin sores can deteriorate quickly, causing the skin’s dermis and epidermis layers to die. Doctors, nurses, and nursing home staff members must provide wound care that prevents infection while promoting healthy tissue growth.

Are you the victim of nursing home neglect and developed preventable pressure ulcers? Did your family lose a loved one through bedsore negligence leading to wrongful death?

Bed Sores and the VernacularIn April of 2016, the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel announced a change in terminology from “pressure ulcer” to “pressure injury” to better reflect the description of pressure injuries to both intact and ulcerated skin. The changes eliminated confusion surrounding the subject and the stages of injury.

The existing stages of pressure injury were also updated and changed to Arabic numbers from Roman numerals. Over four hundred professionals attended a meeting about the terminology change from “pressure ulcer” to “pressure injury” as well as the changes to the stages of pressure injuries. A consensus confirmed the change.

What Is a Pressure Injury?

Wound Care Specialists to Treat Bed SoresFor many individuals, especially the ill, disabled and elderly, spending extended amounts of time lying or sitting in the same position is unavoidable. For those individuals who cannot move about, or hardly move at all, the potential of developing bedsores increases significantly. A bedsore (pressure sore; pressure ulcer; decubitus ulcer) is caused by pressure on the body, which can kill or damage skin and result in an open life-threatening wound.

Unfortunately, bedsores are an all too common occurrence in medical facility environments including assisted-living homes and nursing homes. Even though medical professionals are trained to provide quality care, many are often challenged with keeping patients bedsore free. As a result, some nursing homes are turning to outside wound care specialists for help.

How Bedsores Develop

Methods For Pain Relief Methods For Pain Relief From Pressure Sores

Pressure sores can be painful and decrease the quality of life of the patients that live with them. Prevention of the sores is always the best solution but once they have appeared, they must be monitored and mediated to promote healing and deter further deterioration of the wound site. In the mean time, the pain associated with the sores must be managed, which can be a difficult process.

Different Reasons For Pain