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A senior couple sitting on a couch in their home, talking with a nurse in blue scrubs who is taking notes during a visit.There are many reasons that people seek alternatives to nursing homes for their senior parents or loved ones, including the cost of services or the fact that your loved one might need more specialized, individual care that a nursing home cannot provide. Additionally, it’s important to note that cases of negligence in nursing homes are unfortunately not uncommon.

Finding a safe, comfortable environment with adequate care and clear protections for your aging family members can be challenging. Other options for senior care could include any of the following explored further below.

Home Care

Many families face the undesirable decision to place a loved one in a caregiving facility to ensure they receive the assistance they require in a safe environment.

However, choosing the best place can be challenging, as is knowing if the facility has faced ongoing citations and violations from inspectors and formal complaints.

Understanding what agency regulates an assisted living facility is crucial before deciding to place a loved one under their care.

You could file a civil lawsuit against the assisted living facility, administrators, employees, visitors, or other residents based on negligence if their negligent behavior led to someone’s injuries.

In most incidents, the assisted living facility or nursing home could be held legally and financially accountable for a resident’s injuries or death.

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Bed sores are often the result of localized skin damage when prolonged pressure from an external surface compresses against a bony prominence.

Common areas for bed sores include the back of the head, shoulder blades, shoulders, elbows, tailbone, hipbones, back of the knees, ankles, toes, and most commonly, the heels and sacrum.

Areas Where Bed Sores Form

Most common areas of the body for pressure sores.

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According to the National Institutes of Health, sepsis and septic shock claimed more individuals’ lives every year than heart attacks, breast cancer, and lung cancer. Older adults are more likely to develop sepsis, especially those with comorbidities, existing infections, or decubitus ulcers.

According to reports by long-term care ombudsmen in America, assisted living facility evictions are in the top ten of all grievances they receive each year. In many cases, family members have little to do about an eviction taking a mother, father, or grandparent out of an assisted living center.

Most states regulate and govern how assisted living centers handle their evictions with flexible laws that tend the side with residential care businesses and memory care facilities over the resident. However, there are remedies for patients with Alzheimer’s disease who have suffered at the facility staff or caregivers’ hands.

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Nursing Homes versus Assisted Living
Many people mistake a nursing home with an assisted living facility. The two have different levels of care and different treatment in the eyes of the law. Assisted living communities will generally take healthier people who need some extra help and monitoring while nursing homes are for the seriously ill.

Nonetheless, you have the ability to sue nursing homes and senior living communities when they have been negligent and harmed your loved one. Just because the laws of assisted living are not as detailed does not mean that they do not owe your loved one the duty of care.

The Different Legal Definitions of a Nursing Home and an Assisted Living Facility

EMS driver charged with a deathA former medical transport driver is facing criminally negligent homicide charges after a nursing home resident died in his transport. According to the New York Attorney General’s office, the driver – Juan Garcia – worked for Maeleen Ambulette Transport Inc. at the time of the accident. Mr. Garcia was transporting a resident back to the resident’s facility after the patient underwent dialysis.

When the medical transport came to a sudden stop, the resident was flung from her wheelchair. According to the attorney general’s office, Mr. Garcia admitted he had not buckled the resident’s seatbelt. While the certified nursing assistant who was also present in the ambulette asked Mr. Garcia that he drive the injured resident to the hospital, he drove to Gold Crest Care Center instead.

Unfortunately, the resident had fractured a hip and needed to undergo surgery. The patient succumbed to complications about a month later. According to Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman, even the most basic safety precautions would have prevented the accident involving this vulnerable nursing home resident. If convicted, Mr. Garcia faces up to four years in prison.