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risk of patient falling in nursing home or hospitalToday’s senior citizen population is facing a crisis in dealing with traumatic brain injuries that are received from a variety of instances, but most of them are related to falls they’ve experienced.  For some it may be due to outdoor obstacles and dangerous situations such as a wet or icy sidewalk or driveway, or a slippery wooden deck or porch in the front of a house or place of business.  It may also be indoor situations that cause these falls such as something spilled on a linoleum floor or other objects that an elderly person might trip on.  With reports of injuries from falls increasing in recent years, someone who has an elderly relative or someone close to them may be concerned on how they can protect that person.

Decreasing the risk of elderly falling

One way to help reduce the chance of traumatic brain injury in seniors is to be sure that they know not to move themselves too quickly.  As people get older they may experience dizziness or other problems related to balance a little more frequently, and it is important that they give themselves time to stabilize if they get up from sitting down or lying down.  Another way to help decrease this risk is to make sure that there are enough support features built into places in the home such as stair railings that are not slippery or support bars in places such as kitchen counters and bathtubs or bedrooms.  If the person has even more problems getting up the stairs, getting a lift chair to go up the stairs may be something to consider placing in the home as well.  Traumatic brain injury in seniors can also be reduced by involving them in an exercise program if possible, but the proper medical experts should be consulted first before they participate in any program.

There is new video evidence that falls in nursing homes may be caused by tripping or weight shifting versus slipping, as was commonly thought. A study of 227 video taped falls in long-term care facilities over a three-year period shows exactly what happened during the falls and gives ideas on how they could have been prevented. Using this data, nursing homes can better prepare their facilities to prevent unnecessary falls in the future.

Video Fall Study

The video surveillance was performed in British Columbia long-term care facilities and studied by researchers at Simon Fraser University. The Canadian Institutes Health Research funded the study. The videos show footage from public spaces within the facilities such as halls and common rooms like dining areas. There were 227 falls recorded that happened to 130 different residents in the facilities. The videos showed the most common reasons for falls.

patient care plans need to be followedPatient care plans are put in place for good reason. Each nursing home patient has unique needs that must be adhered to for their own safety. It is unreasonable to think that any staff member can remember every detail about every patient they come in contact with or know of any changes that have happened since their last shift. That is why these care plans need to reviewed by staff everyday for the safety and well being of the patients.

What Is A Patient Care Plan?

The patient care plan is a report that details the specific needs of a patient. The plan should be started at the time of admission and should be an on-going, living document of what this particular patient requires for optimum care. These plans typically include such information as:

Preventing Dangerous Falls in Nursing HomesYou would be surprised to know that the number of elderly deaths annually, caused by falls comes to around 1,800 (read more here). According to statistics, this problem is much more prevalent in nursing homes compared to anywhere else.  Even though, the percentage of those above 65 living in nursing homes is not more than 5%, more than 20% of those who fall in nursing homes are the elderly.

Many instances of falls in nursing homes occur because of increase in weakness in the patients that receive assisted care. It is possible to prevent these falls but only through evaluation of the factors that contribute to elderly falls and then making adjustments to the care provided to all the patients getting care in nursing homes.

Considerations over Medications

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