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There are many great motorcycle roads in Illinois, but they’re impossible to find. The problem is that there isn’t a single source of information for all the best routes in Illinois.

You must go through countless websites and forums, looking at hundreds of threads just trying to find one or two decent routes. It takes forever!

It’s also hard because you don’t know if people on these sites are posting legitimate recommendations or not. But, if you’re looking for a good motorcycle route near Chicago to spend a beautiful day riding, then we’ve got you covered.

man-riding-motorcycle-with-helmetRiding a motorcycle is more dangerous than operating a car and is one of the leading causes of severe injuries and death. Moreover, motorcycle helmet use statistics show that the odds of surviving a motorcycle crash are significantly lower in unhelmeted riders.

While most people know the risks of not wearing a helmet, some riders still don’t wear one, especially in Illinois, where helmet use is not mandatory. Nonetheless, other road users are expected to respect motorcyclists’ rights regardless of whether or not they are wearing helmets.

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Motorcycle Safety to Avoid CrashesOver 80% of motorcycle accidents end with severe injury or death to the motorcyclist or his or her passenger. For this reason alone, it is important that motorcyclists review crash prevention measures and other safety practices that can help them be seen on the road and to avoid being in compromising situations on the road. Since so many accidents result in injury or death, it is also important for motorcyclists to wear protective clothing and equipment to best reduce the severity of injuries they may suffer in and accident and to increase their chances of survival.

Motorcyclists Sixteen Times More Likely to Die in an Accident

Over 2,100 motorcyclists are killed in accidents every year. Auto accidents in general are one of the leading causes of death in the United States, but operating a motorcycle increases the likelihood of death drastically. Much of this is due to the fact that cars have an array of effective safety features motorcycles do not, but also due to the fact that many motorcyclists do not wear the protective gear needed to increase their chances of survival.

collide with motorcyclistsOne of the reasons motorcycles are so dangerous is that they have a very low profile and are difficult to see on the road during inclement weather or while driving at night. These factors also impact the ability of drivers to accurately measure the speed of the motorcycle as it approaches an intersection or changes lanes. Whenever sharing the road with a motorcyclist, a driver should always err on the side of caution simply to compensate for these risks and factors, as providing more space and time to motorcyclists can ultimately be the difference between a nonevent and tragic accident.

Why Drivers Have Difficulty Determining the Speed of Motorcyclists

If you have ever watched a train approaching a railroad crossing, or an airplane taking off from a runway, you already have an idea of how the size of an object can affect your perception of its speed. Trains are notorious for moving much faster than people suspect they are due to their size, profile and the angle at which people view them. Motorcycles can play similar tricks on the mind— especially at night when they are only visible by their headlights and reflectors.