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A CPAP machine is a way of treating obstructive sleep apnea. They are designed to help people breathe and protect them from possible danger when they sleep. It is a way of promoting sleep health. This post will discuss how CPAP machines work to help people with sleep problems.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Machine

This is what the acronym CPAP stands for. It is meant to treat sleep apnea and help with heavy snoring by using pressurized air.

medical device recall attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC3M Bair Hugger manufactures and sells a forced air warming blankets that are used during implant surgeries nationwide. The blanket helps patients who are under anesthesia regulate their body temperature while it prevents hypothermia. Using a surgical hose, the system forces hot air into the disposable blanket draped over the patient’s larger body areas during surgery. The warming blanket has been used by many surgeons during millions of surgical procedures each year as a way to reduce the chance of hypothermia, when the patient loses body heat at a rate faster than it can be produced.

While designed to reduce the potential risks of developing an infection, the device might actually cause an infection by blowing highly contaminated bacteria-laden air from the tainted floor area into the patient’s opened surgical site. The potential risk of developing an infection is especially severe for individuals undergoing artificial heart valve implant surgery or joint replacement surgeries including knee and hip replacements.

The Inventor Speaks Out

Stryker mismatched shapes are now being recalledOne of the most recent recalls of the Stryker line of products is the ShapeMatch Cutting Guides. In recent years, a whole host of products have been recalled from the Stryker line. These products range from hip implants to the most recent cutting guides that assist surgeons in operations.

The ShapeMatch Cutting Guides can be used once and are disposable guides that help surgeons mark a bone before a knee replacement operation.A surgeon can follow the guide to position the components involved in a total knee replacement. The surgeon uses this guide based on an individual assessment of images that are taken of the individual’s knee.

Distribution of the ShapeMatch Cutting Guides