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Dog bites and dog bite injuries are a serious and substantial problem in the United States.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), millions of people suffer serious dog attacks every year in our country. More than half of all dog bite victims are children who are significantly more vulnerable to severe wounds caused by a dog.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC represents people with dog bite injuries suffered in wild animal or domestic animal attacks and other types of professional negligence.

one bite rule IllinoisThe United States Postal Service ranks cities and states for the number of dog attacks on mail carrier. This is indicative of the level of the danger that people face from dogs in that area.

The bad news for Illinois residents is that Chicago and Cook County have the third-highest number of dog attacks on mail carriers of any city. The number of dog attacks went up almost 20% from 2018 to 2019. Illinois is also the fourth-worst dog bite state in the country.

Nationwide, the CDC estimates that 4.5 million people are attacked and bitten each year by dogs. The numbers have gotten worse as dogs have increased in popularity as pets. It seems that nearly everyone has at least one pet dog these days, and this means more dog attacks. While many dogs are peaceful and friendly, some are vicious dogs or aggressive dogs, posing a danger to the general public.

Homeowners Insurance and Dog BitesDogs are extremely popular pets, with nearly half of American households owning one or more of them. They are also the cause of many homeowners’ insurance claims, with dog bites representing nearly one in five claims filed each year. The rise in the number of dog attack related claims shows that many dog owners are failing to properly train and control their animals or to supervise them while they interact with children or strangers. Just over half of these incidents involve an animal that the victim is familiar with in some way— such as the pet of a friend or family member.

Insurance Claims Top $600 Million in 2016 for Dog Related Incidents

Statistics over the last 13 years have shown a steady increase in the number of dog bites and the financial cost of providing compensation to victims. In 2003, just over $324 million in homeowners claims were paid out nationwide, with an average claim of $19,000. Last year, over $602 million was paid out to dog attack victims and the average claim was over $33,000. This is an increase of nearly 86%.

Preventing Dog BitesAccording to data compiled in 2008, nearly 75 million dogs have been welcomed into homes across the United States and these animals are often considered to be endeared members of our families. The Chicago dog bite attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have taken on thousands of cases on behalf of clients who have had unpleasant encounters with dogs due to the irresponsible behavior of their owners, serving as a reminder that dog ownership comes with responsibility. To make your home safer and to reduce the chances that you or a loved one is involved in an attack, consider the following tips to reducing your risk of being involved in a dog attack.

Protecting Yourself and Children From Strange Dogs

It is much easier to predict the behavior of an animal that lives with you and has been the subject of your love and attentive training for its entire life. Other peoples’ dogs may not have received the same treatment and strays can be dangerous for a variety of reasons, including exposure to disease or a protective instinct. Consider the following tips for you and your family when encountering dogs you are not familiar with.