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Collapse Leads to Death in Construction AccidentA tragic accident at Ford’s assembly plant in Chicago claimed the life of a construction worker earlier this month and critically injured another who attempted to assist the first worker. Whenever an accident claims the life of a worker, the Chicago construction accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC always pose the question of whether the incident could have been prevented with more adequate safety measures or policies designed to protect employees from workplace hazards. If you have lost a loved one or suffered serious injuries due to a workplace accident, it is important to know your rights so that you may recover the compensation you and your family are entitled to.

Accidental Wall Collapse Determined as the Cause of Worker’s Death

John Jaloway was killed after an eight foot by eight foot concrete wall collapsed at the assembly plant located at 126th and Torrence Avenue. His death was the result of multiple blunt trauma injuries that he received during the collapse. He was 45 years old. Another worker attempted to rescue Jaloway during the incident and suffered critical injuries during the attempt.

How to Prevent Forklift AccidentsForklifts are heavy and dangerous machines that can cause catastrophic damage to property and people when not operated in a safe manner. The Chicago forklift accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC have noticed that poorly educated or trained operators are a common denominator in many accidents and that education and safety training can greatly reduce the risk of an accident. Loading docks and warehouses are busy places and there are many hazards and distractions that can quickly cause things to go bad if a driver is not aware of his or her surroundings or acts in an irresponsible or reckless manner.

Contributing Factors to Forklift Accidents

The following are some of the most common factors to consider when evaluating the cause of forklift injuries. Being aware of how these factors contribute to the overall safety of warehouses and loading docks can help prevent accidents by making drivers more vigilant when encountering these conditions and pitfalls.

Dangers in Underground ConstructionThe latest data now suggests that a worker is injured once a minute in digging accidents. If you have any experience as a construction worker at all, you are already aware of the dangers that construction workers are exposed to on a regular basis while digging. Only if you work in construction, can you truly appreciate the risks and sacrifices that must be made to perform the jobs of those on work sites and those not directly exposed to those dangers don’t place nearly enough value on the safety of those who are putting their bodies and lives at risk. Even if you take every precaution you have been instructed to, it is still possible for things to go incredibly wrong at only a moment’s notice, so we’ve provided these additional tips in hope that they might prevent an accident or save a life.

Understanding the Data Can Alert You to Danger

Even the most experienced workers find themselves involved in an accident at one point in time and the moment that you feel safest is often when you are most vulnerable. You shouldn’t be in a constant state of paranoia, but be aware of the locations and situations in which many construction workers are harmed so that you can be wary and ready to avoid danger. When digging or working near utilities, accidents commonly occur around these hazards.

Dangers in Construction SitesBeing a construction worker is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. When an accident causes serious injuries and death, it is especially horrific. In March 2015, three workers assisting in the construction of an office building in downtown Raleigh North Carolina lost their lives. Another worker suffered serious injuries after the exterior lift system they were riding detached from the structure.

The accident occurred at a new Charter Square building located on Fayetteville Street. At the time of the incident, the men were taking apart a portion of the elevator system. The mobile scaffold platform ripped away from the structure and plummeted to the ground killing three men and injuring another. The falling platform crushed one of the workers while he was exiting a portable restroom below.

Injured and Deceased Victims

An unidentified individual at the worksite called 911, claiming a construction crew was aboard the elevator platform at the time of its collapse. The deceased men have been identified as Durham residents Anderson Almeida, 33 and José Erasmo Hernandez, 41 along with Clinton resident, 33-year-old José Luis Lopez-Ramirez. The injured worker Elmer Guevara, 53 was transported to WakeMed.

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Cave Ins and Safety Violations for Construction EmployeesOSHA has fined an Elk Grove Village contractor more than $110k for numerous construction site safety violations involving potential trench cave-in’s and similar dangers.

Trench Cave-in’s All Too Common Danger Facing Construction Workers

Trenches are necessary in construction to install water pipes and other equipment. Building trenches according to code is an expensive and time-consuming process. Therefore, many contractors cut corners, but in doing so, they put their workers at great risk of significant injury and even death.

Construction Death and Falling Debris57-Year-Old Man Killed by Crane

Over one year ago, a 57-year-old veteran of the Chicago construction industry was fatally struck by a crane. The man died after the crane knocked two beams off of the sixth floor of Northwestern’s Music and Communication Building. Even though it has been over a year since the accident, questions surrounding the circumstances of the accident still remain. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has been conducting a months-long investigation since the death of the man.

OSHA Investigations Surrounding the Fatal Accident Continue

Planning for Contractors at Excavation SitesUnderground construction is a hazardous business as it is, and lack of prior research about the locale can lead to many serious consequences – from grave injuries to even death of workers in some cases, as we have witnessed in the past. Excavation refers to a number of activities all of which have one thing common: the displacement of soil including drilling, directional or vertical, and trenching, which are the more frequently used techniques of excavation.
During the excavation process, there is always a chance that the crew may hit buried materials including pipes or cables, which can seriously hamper work progress, not to mention the accidents it may cause. However, the issue of pre-excavation planning also gains significance from the fact that the accidental damage caused during excavation can lead to serious litigation and the party involved may have to pay heavy fines that can be as thousands to millions of dollars.

Pre-Excavation Planning By General Contractors

Falls from a Ladder are Common Injuries at Construction SitesIncidences of ladder fall accidents

Among many other workplace accidents that one hears on a daily basis, ladder fall accidents have become very common. According to research, 55.8% of these take place in the construction industry where ladders are used as a common tool. Other incidents of ladder fall accidents are more common in the Warehousing, Service, Trade and Transportation sectors.

Because of this high percentage, these accidents have come under notice of law firms and human right agencies that believe ladder fall accidents are to be classified under the wrongful death law. This attention has resulted in a lot of research that yields a number of causes for ladder fall accidents.

Serious Accidents Occur when Workers are at Elevated HeightsHow do fall injuries occur on construction sites?

According to extensive research and analysis, close to 28 injuries as a result of falls were recorded in 2013 in 12 different countries. This number is 65% greater than it was the year before and no doubt, it is expected to be even higher in later years with complicated construction work increasing day by day.

Injuries as a result of falling off from great heights are not uncommon. Because lifts and platforms have to be used by workers to finish tasks on many levels above the ground, there is always some risk attached. Out of these 28 injuries mentioned, 13 involved booms and 10 used scissor lifts, showing that no matter how advanced a lifting technology may be, fall injuries are sometimes an unavoidable occurrence.

Construction Hazards with Sewer WorkChicago Man Dies in Confined Sewer While Working

A recent horrifying accident showed just how problematic the lack of enforcing OSHA regulations is in the United States. Gustavo Briceno, a maintenance worker, was killed in a sewer while doing repair work. As was working on maintenance in the sewer, a heavy rain created a surge of water that swept his body away.

Gustavo Briceno was found dead only two hours later and about a block away from his original location. Briceno was working in a sewer on North Rockwell Street when the area became flooded by the heavy rains.