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Safety Inspections Put Workers in JeopardyWhile the Occupational Safety and Health Administration would have all businesses perform routine health and safety inspections, not every employer is required to. Businesses which have employees perform more dangerous job functions or work with hazardous machinery or materials may be required to comply with more strict regulations and perform regular inspections in order to ensure that a safe environment is provided to workers. Regardless of whether a business receives a mandate from OSHA to perform routine inspections, employers can be held liable if OSHA believes they have failed to take measures that are considered reasonable to reduce the chances of injury. It is a proven fact that routine safety inspections can save lives and employers need to be more willing to actively participate in programs that will reduce workplace accidents.

Equipment Requiring Regular Inspection

Regular safety inspections can identify problems with machinery well before they become a hazard to workers, but employers often push back against mandated inspection schedules in order to avoid costs associated with regular maintenance and repair. It is a sad affair when the safety of employees is not valued more than the costs required to ensure that every employee makes it home from his or her shift. OSHA requires facilities and worksites that maintain or operate certain forms of machinery to perform regular inspections and make repairs to machinery when appropriate because, when left to the employers’ discretion, these inspections may not be performed.

Falls from a Ladder are Common Injuries at Construction SitesIncidences of ladder fall accidents

Among many other workplace accidents that one hears on a daily basis, ladder fall accidents have become very common. According to research, 55.8% of these take place in the construction industry where ladders are used as a common tool. Other incidents of ladder fall accidents are more common in the Warehousing, Service, Trade and Transportation sectors.

Because of this high percentage, these accidents have come under notice of law firms and human right agencies that believe ladder fall accidents are to be classified under the wrongful death law. This attention has resulted in a lot of research that yields a number of causes for ladder fall accidents.

Are Tower Cranes Safe?Are Tower Cranes Safe? Worldwide Opinion Remains Divided

(Photo Caption: High above Milwaukee, crane operator Jeff Maples maneuvers with care. [Photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel])

Perhaps there’s no greater symbol of modernity and progress than the tower crane. From Bangkok to Dallas, these awe-inspiring construction machines give cities a sense of place and pride.